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Conversation Between bigred7078 and javygonx

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  1. I got the Marantz yesterday. Sounds great, but to be honest the Onkyo 706 has nothing to envy compared to the Marantz. I did lots of tests. Each receiver has its pros and cons.

    But unless someone dont care to pay $600 or $1500 for a receiver then take Marantz just for the name. If not take the Onkyo, at least 706, not below. In music, yes the Marantz sounds bit better and clear, in movies, it depends on settings. But overall, for me, the Onkyo 706+ is a real winner. But not like our case. For example my onky 706 cost me $600, but I got the Marantz for $150, in that case, of course take Marantz.

    I will post later my own benchamarks between both systems
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