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Conversation Between renowilliams and cnh

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  1. Hi Reno,

    What's happening. I don't know if you noticed but I'm going to pick up a set of Polk SDA-2As in a few weeks. Lightman1 is holding them for me till I get further south than Maine...spending so much time on this site at night tends to pique your curiosity about SDAs...all the long-timers here have a set or two or more?

    How's your search for an amp going?

    more later..

  2. I wish I had the money for that Rotel 1080 right now.
  3. Hi Reno,

    I've had the amp running for about a week at this point and I'm loving it...highly recommend it if you can find one in good shape. A good price for the amp itself is around 300 or so. Not sure what the pre should run...I assume 680 for both is not bad but I try to get to 600..on the other hand I'm talking U.S. dollars. If that's Canadian that's a really good price?

    You might want to look at heiney9s posts on Adcom pre-amps..he talks about which Adcoms are better and which just so so. With Adcom you can't go wrong with the amp but their pre-amps are a bit uneven.

  4. Hey

    Hows things, in particular, hows the new amp. Funny thing. I just say the same amp with a preamp (GFP-555) for sale locally. The guy is asking $680.00 for both and they look mint.
  5. You should be fine. I have been online 15 years with no problems.
  6. Do you ever go onto yahoo chat. I hang out in the computer lobby 3. Come in sometime an we'll talk a bit. Its a little disjointed doing it this way
  7. Actually My place is a 4 plex and I rent one of the lower units. Each unit has two floors. But its nice and we like it.
  8. Well So far I have RTIA5's for the fronts, a PSW125 sub, Yamaha RX-V861 reciever, and I just ordered the RTI6's. No Center as yet. I have a long way to go but I am just buying when I have the cash. I am going to build rear speaker stands in the near future and then a new entertainment cabinet.
    I had a discussion with my wife this morning and when our daughter goes off to college we are going to take her room downstairs and make it our bedroom, then were taking our bedroom and make it into a home theather room. I'm looking forward to that.

    By the way. Years ago I had a set of JBL-4311's and I loved them
  9. how goes it with you?
  10. I became interested kind of by accident really. A friend of mine has a set of polks and he lives in Wisconsin. He kept raving about them so I ordered a pair, without even going to a storeto listen to them. This was very unusual for me but I got lucky.
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