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Conversation Between usp1 and george daniel

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  1. The SF amps are indeed very good,,possibly the last amps that you may need.I'm already having remorse over the VTL's,, but no one has really expressed an interest,,maybe I'll just keep em'. Good to hear from you--stay in touch please--george
  2. Hey George,

    Those VTL monos look very interesting. Not sure if I have the cash for them right now but will watch and see if they are still around when I do have some. Right now I have the Rogue 88 and I am matching it with either a Cary/AES AE-3 (love the 6sn7 tubes...thanks for recommending them) or an Odyssey tempest.

    Incidentally, do you know anything about Sonic Frontiers SFM-75 monoblocks?
  3. George,

    I will take this. Thank you.

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