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Conversation Between rrobert69 and outlander

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  1. Hi Sean,

    If you found the reviews interesting on the sixpacs:

    I thought you might enjoy reading about the upgrades on the pair that I’m selling. The SED EL-34 Winged “C” add warmth beyond the reviews you’ve read above. Certainly much nicer tubes than the Ruby tubes that came with the amps.

    These are the Jensen PIO caps that are in the signal circuit. There is much written on the net about how sweet these caps sound compared to the film caps they replaced, and I have to agree. In fact I’ll be replacing the PP caps in my Conrad Johnson with these same capacitors.

    Take care,
  2. I sent a message regarding the sixpacs, but can't see it in my folders so I thought I would send another message.
    You can reach me at 510-377-7972.
    Thank you.
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