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Conversation Between techlectic and rncala

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  1. No problem. Thanks for getting back to me. I wondered what happened to you.
    Enjoy those new speakers!
  2. Sorry for the slow reply - I didn't notice that you had replied to my message. I decided to sell the RTA-12bs as-is. I've got a pair of LSM703s on their way to me which I hope will be a good replacement.
  3. I have four SL2000s stamped 1987. I'm the original owner and they've been tweeted gently. So, how much would you like to spend?
  4. Hi,
    If you have SL2000 tweeters in good shape that you want to sell, I'm interested. I have some RTA-12s that have SL1000s in them. I bought the RDO194s, but I returned them after I found that they didn't fit as SL1000 replacements. I wouldn't mind hacking up some SL2000s to make them fit if I found some cheap.
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