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Conversation Between eliminator1970 and nadams

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  1. I have a client close by, and thinking about scheduling a work trip out,,,and then swing by. I am hoping to meet with some of the great personalities... I also cannot wait to hear some different set ups.
  2. It looks like I'm only going to make it for Saturday, but I should still be able to make it. I'm sure they'd have no problem with you coming.
  3. Just wondering if you are going to Polfest in Nj. I am thinking about putting in for an invite. I make that drive all the time with work, so its pretty easy for me.
  4. Awesome news on the SDA's! We should get together sometime and rock out. And I can return your cooler :D
  5. Well it took some time, but I finally got some SDA's. Picked up 2 sets in Maryland 1C's, and I believe 2B's (both wood caps and bases).
  6. Hey man, You let me know.... you're more than welcome to come up and rock out to the SDA 2's any time. weekends are best. Just let me know...
  7. Hey, sorry have not been on in awhile. The cooler is no big deal to me, but I hope you at least ate the hamburger. Just starting to look again for speakers. Saw a pair on ebay of all places, but we shall see. Give me a shout when you get this, I have a coupls of questions....Thanks Chris
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