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Poor College Students

  1. audiobliss
    What kinds of systems do you guys have? Mainly car audio or home audio? If home audio, do you live at home or in an apartment, or a dorm? And what's the extent of your system?

    I'm still at home at the moment, but will moving into a dorm in the fall, so I'm trying to decide what exactly I'll want my system to consist of.
  2. ROOGER82
    Hey guys..hows the college life. I'm also still at home. Most of my audio is in my car. Switching it up soon. Tight on money though so its gonna take me some time.
  3. RutgersFTW
    What's up? Trying to piece together a nice system for my small off-campus apartment. So far I scored an Onkyo 605 and one pair each of Polk RTi8 and RTi6. Desparately seeking center (CSi 3 or 5) and a sub. Where does everyone else go? RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS w00t!
  4. Ackaroth
    I dont have a system, but I am planning on getting one for my jeep within the next few months. Possibly a db12 or something to top it off. And I am working 2 jobs right now so I can hopefully afford to go back to school in the fall.
  5. audiobliss
    Ackaroth, what kind of Jeep is it going in? I have an aftermarket HU, components, and an amp in my Cherokee. STILL haven't gotten around to a sub, though. Just can't justify the expense.
  6. Ackaroth
    '89 Wrangler YJ
  7. tommyboy
    I think I qualify as a poor college student, considering I have no money:p. Hopefully in a year that will be a different story:D

    So, where do you guys go to school?
  8. audiobliss
    Wow, this sure is getting a lot of attention! :p

    I'll be transferring this fall to either AR or OK.
  9. ihatethis
    hey guayz i'm goign to school for engineering and minor in physics. love the math stuff.

    anyone else? i'm in tx.
  10. ihatethis
    .lolz hay guyz i'm boardd and not doin my shcool work u knw always havin work u need 2 do but aint really doin when u shuld lol... shcool monday.. not lookin fowrard 2 it... long night.. not friends with me right now.. pls msg am lonely.
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