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What would you do with these?

  1. Gurlwndr
    Hi all-- new to the group, and I have questions. I have a pair of SDA SRS's ( that's all it says on the manual) we were thinking of selling (in fact they're listed) but now we're having second thoughts. Before I get a bid, can you give me some insight into why I should be keeping them? I love the sound but I really don't need the "huge". I had no idea of what I had until I started looking in places like this though. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about these besides what's in the manual. Please: enlighten me.

  2. Yamahafzr
    Why in the hell do you even want to get rid of them anyways, if you even sold them today you would have to find the right buyer to purchase from you but todays market is to low for high end and a heavy product to own but there is a market for them, there is a guy down here that was asking $500 for the 3 way 2 -5.1/4 and a tweeter but now he has them for $300- house speakers are just to easy to get anymore ive been trading on Craigslist for all polk audio to own now i have new Monitor 50/ R40s that i refurbished myself & my Favorite -R50s -T15s & 2pair of Psw10 sub and wouldn't get rid of any of these only at the right high price LOL!, i wish i had those would be nice wouldn't get rid of them, thats if you realy like music & Movies good luck owning old school polk audio
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