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Which Monitor series do you own?

  1. Mr. Sharpe
    Vintage, recent or new models alike!

    I only own a pair of monitor 30's in black but am planning on buying a pair of 70's, 10's, and 5's.
  2. mtb_ww
    Two pairs of Monitor series: 10A and 10B
  3. Mr. Sharpe
    I want some 10's more than any other series! I'll bet they sound really nice.
  4. dudeinaroom
    Pair of monitor 7Bs here
  5. Mr. Sharpe
    Sweet! I like the look of those.

    I'm not affiliated with it but there's a pair of monitor 12's on Ebay! they look so cool:)
  6. hochpt21
    I have had a pair of M70's since March and they sound so sweet with my turntable. Over the past couple weeks using the combo of black friday deals and CL, I now own the 50's and 30's. I am still working on my setups but I am thinking this...Upstairs (mainly music, but wife doesn't like speakers taking over) M50's, CS1 and velodyne 10" sub (nice for jazz and blues) HK 5.1 receiver. Basement theatre room...M70's front, CS1 center, M30's surround and PSW10 sub. Sony 120Wx7 receiver.

    Any recommendations?
  7. Mr. Sharpe
    I wish I had a basement big enough for a ht. Idk Hoch, sounds like you've set those up great although the wife may not like you having 3 rooms filled with speakers though unless of course your house is huge. I know mine wouldn't. I have my stereo stuff in one room and home theater in the living room.
  8. tucker727
    love my monitor 70 series 2 and cs 2 center so much i am changing the rest of surround to polks. my question is for front highs which in wall model would be the best suited pair? Is in ceiling going to affect speakers due to summer attic heat?
  9. Mr. Sharpe
    You're askin a guy that doesn't even know what purpose of "front highs" is. I can tell you I don't know if heat effects speakers.
  10. shaneybrainy
    Two Polk Monitor 60's! Looking at getting a pair of Monitor 40's here for surrounds, right now my bedroom has a two channel setup with a Polk PSW-10 Subwoofer.
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