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Which Monitor series do you own?

  1. Mr. Sharpe
    RTA 11??? THOSE ARE SWEEEEEEEET! I have always wanted some of polks old speakers, mostly wanted some monitor 10's but doesn't look like it'll ever happen which is fine, I was about to get some off Ebay for cheap but ended up not having the money. oh well though, the setup I have live with and sounds wonderful. I have to always ask myself "why do you want to upgrade your speakers?" lol
  2. FrayDog
    I own a pair of the Polk Monitor 75t they sound amazing, and picked them up from new egg last year for $360.00 for the pair. Amazing deal Love Polk Audio!
  3. Mr. Sharpe
    I got a pair of monitor 10's for $100 at the flea market!!!!!'they are wonderful'!!!!!!!!
  4. McIntosh/Polk
    Got a pair of 7's and just got some 10's today on ebay. Got to replace one woofer on the 10's.
  5. Talon_Sr
    Hello, peeps. I'm new and just got a pair of 75Ts to replace my vintage Pioneer HPM100s, which still rocked. I'm getting a PSW505 tomorrow to replace my Onkyo SKW-204.
  6. Mr. Sharpe
    The psw 505 is a wonderful sub, got mine on amazon for $200, real cheap for big clean sounding power!
  7. quicksilvergts
    I have had a pair of m70 SII since about September, scored a sweet deal from newegg for $265 pair(new) shipped.
    The psw 505 is great I have 2 and work well with the 70's/75t.
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