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The Canadians

  1. michael_w
    I might do another gathering in BC soon. It might not be until July though since things are pretty crazy for me right now. This group will be perfect to see who is local!

    Mike (janmike), will you be venturing down to Vancouver anytime soon?
  2. janmike
    I do not think so Michael. I earliest I see is same time next year, but things can change. Any of you folks planning on attending Polkfest 2008?
  3. janmike
    Looks like we are 10 strong so far folks. Awesome. Trying to think of other worthy contenders.
    Make that 20 (and counting).
  4. janmike
    I like your initial idea of people identifying where they are located in their profile. Perhaps everyone could do this if they are comfortable with the idea. As well, I kind of like to know people on a first name basis, although that could be confusing especially looking at how many Mike's we have.
  5. Imperitor
    Thats funny, my best friends name is also mike. Popular name I guess. Depending on how big this group gets and how good my memory is, I'm fine with going on a first name basis. My name is Andrew. You can also refer to me as 'the man'.:D

    By the way, where is polkfest?
  6. janmike
    This year it is being held in Baltimore - Polk Audio HQ. Should be a blast. I attended the one last year in Georgia (my 1st one) and just booked my ticket for this one.
  7. andrew_mac
    Hey people. Thanks for the invite. Glad to be a part of the group.
  8. Imperitor
    If you guys know anymore canadian members of this forum feel free to invite them.
  9. zx_toth
    Hi Canadians!
    Its nice to be a part of a group that understands the pain of not being able to get a good deal on Audiogon due to HIGH shipping costs and IMPORT/DUTY fees which make these 'deals' NOT deals :-( ...... :-)

    I believe JimBrick is from Northern Ontario, not sure how to invite him however.

    By the way Im in Northern Ontario ... on Manitoulin Island. The closest audion specialty stores are an hour and a half away in Sudbury ... Professional Audio and Biancos Audiotronic while Futureshop is there as well. Professional Audio is the only place I can buy seperates ... going there tommorow to look at amps.

    Ive had to order directly from the Brampton office as you cant get Lsi speakers anywhere near. I have a LSiC being sent frmo the Brampton offices as we speak ... just a bit of info for you guys.

    Hope to talk to you guys soon, Im going to be on here more often now that I have some new equipment coming. Otherwise I try to avoid reading about gear because it gets that 'FEVER' going where I cant stop thinking about electronics, audio and home theater ... where I spend money I dont have :-)

  10. gfong
    Futureshop has RTIA3's at $299.00 a pair.
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