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The Canadians

  1. janmike
    I have ordered all of my LSi's (5) and some of my previous RTi series speakers all from Walter at the Brampton office. Brampton is my home town. I understand you do not have a dealers on the island and the closest audio shop for me is a 16 hour drive.
  2. jayman_1975
    Hey fellow canucks...good to know there's a few of us that are willing to look out for each other! My name is Justin and i live in Swift Current, Sk. Good to be aboard!
  3. zx_toth
    Janmike: Just had a LSiC arrive from Brampton this paast Friday ... I was so pumped getting it and replacing my lagging RM center. Thanks to Walter! 16 hours is painfully long! My closest audio specialty shop is about 1.5 hours away they dont carry polk LSi however.
  4. janmike
    Glad you are on board Justin.


    zx_toth: Yes Walter will look after you - great guy. Congrats on the LSiC. Great speaker as I love the LSi series for HT.
  5. janmike
    Ok, call me sensitive but I have had just about enough of certain individuals (yes more than one) bashing Canada. All of us here know very well that if a Canadian made derogatory comments about the USA it would be dealt with immediately. Besides, I have too much respect for my fellow USA forum members to do that. Many of these people are personal firends. I for one am not about to sit back and let ANYONE bash the country I love. Enough is Enough. There, I feel better now.
  6. zx_toth
    Hey guys,
    Looking to see what price a pair of LSi9s are going for in your areas? I know what the MSRP is from Polk website but this is often different than what they go for once a retailer posts a price or are able to haggle the price down a bit.

    Reason I ask is I can either wait until I go to Toronto in late September if the price is right or get them ordered from Walter at Polk. Just hoping that the price Walter lets a pair go for is competitive with street prices.

    Thanks ahead of time.
  7. janmike
    I purchased mine from Walter a few years back and the price was very good. E-mail him and he will give you the price. Good luck.
  8. zx_toth
    Thanks Janmike,

    I will contact Walter shortly after I recover from a bit of financial damage from grad school tuition.

    Ive sold and shipped my last RM speaker pair from my old 5.1 system this afternoon... giving three new Polkie's some good deals IMO. So I did make enough to pay for most of a fully priced LSi 9 set ..... now I can finally finish my all LSi setup! I am pumped!
  9. janmike
    Ahhhhh - tuition fees. They were probably a little less when I attended school.
    Where are you going to school?

    You are really in for a treat with the LSi9's. My entire HT is comprised of the LSi series (LSi9's, LSiFX's, LSiC). The 9's really make the system and the music for 2CH can be very good.
    PS- There is the used market, but that is a personal preference.

    Good luck.
  10. zx_toth
    Im taking distance education part time through Lakehead University, there masters of public health program while I work full time on the island. So a course here and a course there should be done in another 1.5-2 years. Yes tuition is up and up now a days ... per term it is 2 grand for me which is actually much less than tuition back home in Nova Scotia, which has the highest tuition in Canada or at least when I did my undergrad....

    My short sighted mind sometimes is in pain when I fork over tuition thinking how I would much rather upgrade my amp or video source with that :-) But I guess ultimately the degree will help me afford more gear if my obsession continues:-)

    Ive been checking practically daily to see whats being sold, so I have been checking out the used market.

    Ive gone without surround sound for 10 months and its been driving me crazy. Im thinking its bit of a pity that the 9s will only be on surround duty but Im scheming of ways I can easily move them and use them for 2 channel duty as you mention.
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