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The Canadians

  1. janmike
    Keep up the path to complete that degree. It's tough, but worth it in the end.
    My wife is from NS, me from ON. We both graduated from Acadia and lived there for a number of years. I'll keep my eyes open for any 9's that come about.
  2. Imperitor
    Wow, haven't been here for a while. It's good to see this group still growing. I've been busy suffering through my second last year of engineering (the end is in sight!). Your tuition is actually pretty good toth at 2 grand. Mine is 2.5 plus books at the U of Manitoba.

    Although I haven't been able to buy any audio equipment lately I've found a lot of new music that I never knew about. I've had a good chance to put these speakers to work.

    Enjoy the winter guys, hockey has arrived!
    Unfortunately, there hasn't been any action on the group for pretty close to a year now. First name basis? Just in case someone reads, I'am René! Anyway, nice to see a few Canadians on the site

  4. madmike
    Hi, my name is Mike, another one of us, just thought I'd introduce myself, I have been on this forum for a couple of months. My system consists of a Carver C1 pre map, Carver M500t amp, Carver DTL-100 and a DTL-200, one pair of Reynolds Advance A+ speakers and a Pair of Polk Audio Monitor 5B speakers. The 5B's have new RDO-194-1 tweeters and I have upgraded the X-overs on these and all I can say about them now is WOWWW what a difference. I am from Swift Current Sask.:):)
  5. xcapri79
    Being a Canadian, I just joined this group. I live in the US. Most of my family lives in Canada.
    Hummm, I wonder if we can somehow revive the "CC" ?
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