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Hello I am new to Polk forum..and love Polk Monitor speakers

  1. jameselmer66
    Just wanted to say hi and that I am new here. I hate to start out trolling for info but do have a few question for guys with more experience with Polk Monitor speakers. My first time listening to Polk's was in the late 80's and a friend had a pair of Polk Monitor 7's and I have been hooked every since. But have not had the oppurtunity to get a pair of vintage Polks. I have had newer stuff that I've enjoyed but now I have a chance to build a vintage system and I am faced with a choice from CL. A pair of Monitor 5's or a pair of S8's. They both are in great shape and around the same price. The Monitor 5's are what I picture as vintage 80's Polk's. But the S8's look so damn good. Would anyone with experience with these two pairs of speakers care to teach me what the pros and cons are of each pair and give me your opinion on which you would choose, sound quality wise. Again I apologize for my first post looking for info.
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