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SDA Owners Club

  1. Lasareath
    Do you own a pair of SDA's?, If you do then maybe you should join my SDA Group! :)
  2. analog97
    I also have the 1.2 TL's.
  3. treitz3
    Having 1A's completely redone. From the cosmetics to the innards.

    Did someone fart in here? I smell something funky.
  4. schwarcw
    I own a pair of: SDA-2's, SRS-2.3's and the little CRS monster. Are any girls going to join?
  5. avguytx
    I have SRS II's currently but have owned SDA 1C's and rebuilt a set of SDA 2.3's.
  6. dcmeigs
    I have a pair of 2Bs with Sonicaps, 198s and mahogany vaneer. But I just came for the beer and the hot babes.
  7. Face
    I have a pair of studio 2B's that will be hot rodded one day.
  8. shadowofnight
    I own more SDA's then I can count at the moment.....basically an SDA breeding ground here :)
  9. daboyz
    SDA-2A's. Not the end all be all but a good start.
  10. DaveMuell
    I owne a pristine pair of CRS+ purchased from none other than CL prior to any of his tweeter "fixin". I strangely enough, subsequently purchased a pair of RDO's from CL for them that I enjoy today.
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