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SDA Owners Club

  1. danger boy
    I have 2B's
  2. dacoupedeville
    Currently: SRS 3.1tl, SDA 2b
    Formerly: SDA 1, SDA CRS, SDA SRS 2, SDA SRS 2.3
  3. Lasareath
    Wow, I think we are all confused, we have big Question marks were our pictures should be :(
  4. F1nut
    You can pry my SDA's from my cold, dead fingers. 'Nuff said!
  5. ben62670
    I made mine, and have owned others...
  6. cruzer
    I have a pair of SDA SRS 2's :)
  7. scootchu
    I own a pair of SDA SRS 2's. They are my main speakers right now and like them better than my departed Klipschorns.
  8. sda2mike
    I have a pair of 2B's from 1989. They have the silk tweeters. They work more than great in my condo. Where all da white wimmin at???
  9. BrettT1
    I own a pair of SDA 1Cs with RD0s and upgraded crossovers. 1.2TL with RDO upgrade, hope to do the x-overs soon.
  10. Joe08867
    SDA 2's, the original 2's with the dimensional tweeter that I have disconnected. I plan on rebuilding the cabinets to eliminate the tweeter and place the stereo tweeter in the center. Probably easier to buy a newer set but this will give me something to do.
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