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SDA Owners Club

  1. John in MA
    One pair of SDA-SRS 1.2TLs. Bought from the original owner 11/07, he got them new in 10/89. Sold as 1.2s but shipped after Polk transitioned to TL models.
  2. amulford
    I have a pair of 2b's and a pair of CRS+'s
  3. zingo
    Currently listen to my 4.1TLs with all new innards.
  4. Libertyc
    Have a few sets of SDAs.
  5. Sami
  6. Ron Temple
    1Cs and 2Bs...what am I doing here again?
  7. DarqueKnight
    I'm not an SDA owner. I just play one on TV.:)
  8. nspindel
    Studio 2B's with Sonicap/Mills XO's with the TL upgrade, so RD-0198 tweets. Erse inductor, Cardas binding posts, custom SDA interconnect. Love 'em...
  9. davidfmartin
    SDA-1C's. Also RTA 11TL's and Monitor 5's.
  10. BSUfbfan
    I own SRS-2.3's with RDO tweets & rebuilt crossovers, and SDA-CRS+'s.
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