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SDA Owners Club

  1. Phil Dawson
    I own 1 pair of SDA-SRS used as the fronts in my 5.1 MUSIC system
    I own 1 pair of 2.3ti used as the rears in my 5.1 MUSIC system
    I just bought another pair of SDA-SRS from Madmax - not yet picked up
    Maybe I have enough of these now????
    Should I try for a 7.1 Music system? Do a 2ch rig with the 2.3s - I did this once and it worked out real well. Such a problem - sometimes life is tough.
  2. McLoki
    At least for now - Still have my SDA 1b's. (and Monitor 10's, and RM6600's, and LSi15's, and LSi7's and LSiC, and RTi6's)

    BTW - Cracker Barrel cherry pancakes with whipped topping and syrup rock. (even moreso when I am not buying :)) I look forward to breakfast on Sat. during PolkFest....

  3. billbillw
    Just picked up a pair of Studio 1C. The SDA effect is definitely noticeable and takes some getting used to.
  4. uts294
    I have a pair of 3.1tl's with crossover upgrade driven by a pair Adcom black beautys.
    Also a pair of RTA-11t. :)
  5. discoden
    sda-2a's (2 pair monitor 10's, monitor 5a's and rta-15t)
  6. capitan100
    I own a pair of SDA 2B's mint condition in oak with original receipt and original boxes. I love them as well.
  7. Refefer
    1B's and soon adding a CRS+ to the family!
  8. gdb
    Just bought some SDA-2s dont know if they're As or Bs yet but the cable is incl.
  9. Ivorytooth
    Hi, new to this site and group. I am a proud original owner of a pair of SDA 1C Studios.
  10. PumpkinStalker
    My parents were the original owners to my SRS 2's and I love them dearly!
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