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SDA Owners Club

  1. woofiepaws
    I'm in. CRSs, SRSs, and 1.2TLs.

  2. Dubrzz
    Hello Group!, I'm using RTA 12B's, SDA 1A's, and SDA SRS 2's now. I think i need a bigger place.
  3. Chapis
    Does anybody know what receiver works better for the RI7 speakers (300 watts)? How many watts do I need to move these speakers in a well performance?, At this moment I am comparing two receivers the HK 3490 (120 watts) and the rotel RX1052 (100 RMS watts). Would you pay the double for the Rotel? I also need a receiver with A/B speaker.

    I will appreciate your support with your recommendation

  4. ND13
    SRS 2s in the house.
    Have owned 2As and 1Bs in the past.
    Want some CRS+s
  5. daifanshi
    I have a newly acquired pair of very excellent condition 2.3TL's I bought off of CL.
  6. mdc1965
    Hi all newly acquired sda compact pair cabs and grills great. One of each tweeters not working as per seller no interconnect cable.Wanted to test but figured I better ask about testing without interconnect.Any advice on tweeter rebuild/replacement/upgrade cable replacement and cap replacement advice would be greatly appreciated.I almost felt guilty as i handed the seller two 20 dollar bills for the pair.Thanks mark
    got me some sda-srs 1.2TL action over here. lovin' it too!
    I was kinda afraid to join at first not knowing what would happen to me next! By the looks of things/members I am sure I'll be OK for awhile anyway.
    I want to say thanks to everyone for all the help given to me upgrading my SDA SRSII's and SDA2a's. Also for helping me on all aspects of high fidelity. I absolutely love listening to music.
  9. dudeinaroom
    gots me a pair o' SDA 2 a'. Will not trade or sell, they are mine I tell you MINE!
  10. thsmith
    I own a pair of SDA 1C, not in my possession but will be in my hot little hands 11/21/08
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