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SDA Owners Club

  1. inspiredsports
    My SDA 2B's had children and they grew up to be SDA SRS 2's.

    Both are getting transplants next week to smooth out the high notes.
  2. george daniel
    Well, I'm back in with SDA's for good,thanks to Tom(trietz) for hauling em',, hopefully got some tube 100 watt mono's on the way.
  3. Conradicles
    Got a pair of 2B' "Studio" and a pair of 2B "Standard".:D:D:D
  4. comfortablycurt
    I've finally gotten my first pair of SDA's! Some 2A's, with the RD0 tweeters already installed.

    I've only had them for a couple days...I had some trouble with placement at first, but I've pretty much got it dialed in now.

    I'm loving this sweet SDA sound!!:D
  5. kawizx9r
    Oops shouldve posted on here like a month ago. Got a pair of studio SDA 1C's! Placement took some fondling with but I got it down. All stock except mortite caulk cord in place of stock seals and foam taped drivers. All run by a Moscode 300 Hybrid :D
  6. zarrdoss
    I have a pair of refinished 2.3 and a pair of refinished 2.3tl's both with upgraded tweeters, I have had a pair of SDA 2b's and still wish I had not got rid of them.
  7. headrott
    Got a pair of 2Bs originally about 7 years ago. Did not realise how good they actually were until I TL'd them about 4 months ago with 198s. I then bought some 3.1TLs about 2 months ago and redid the X-overs and added 198s to them. I am extremely impressed with them. SDA or I won't listen I say!

  8. F1nut
    Hey Greg.

    I kinda forgot about this club, looks like everybody else did too or maybe we're all to busy enjoying our SDA's!
  9. dawaldo
    I own SDA 2's. Rather than shop for new monitors I'm upgrading these, starting with crossover upgrades from Ben. Bought them new, 25 years of pleasure, time for some investment. Love the mahogany, the accurate sound, the monitor look. Bit of harshness on violin CD's. Upgraded to SACD, Parasound amp/pre-amp, fixed some of harshness. Now working on speakers.
  10. F1nut
    SDA's never came in mahogany.
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