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SDA Owners Club

  1. headrott
    Yeah Jesse,

    I wandered across it a little while back and figured I would put up a post to hopefully revive it. I almost forgot about it myself until I was looking at my profile page and ran across it again. Good club to be a part of. We get the best speakers to listen to.:D

  2. F1nut
    What a snooze fest the forum has become. Ugh!
  3. comfortablycurt
    These other social groups really need some more activity. The RAS is the only social group that gets more than one post a month or

    SDA's kick ass!!!
  4. mctimoth
    Hey groupies, mostly lurking but letting you know.

    I've had a pair of CRS's since their original purchase in 1984 for my HS graduation!?

    I have since blown my Denon DRA550 that I purchased with them and graduated to a Denon 5805 a couple of years ago. The CSR's have been in a closet for the last 5+ years (shame! I know!). I had the WAF to deal with when I put the in-wall speakers in the home theatre. I have since decided to go against the tide and warm these little monsters up again in the HT.

    I think that I have to do the InterConnect cable fix for the non-common ground 5805. Anyone done this or have experience? Straight forward?

    Thanks in advance for the welcomes and replies.

  5. newbie308
    I wanted a pair of SDA's since the mid 80's when I was shopping for my first stereo. I remember listening to them, and I wanted them ever since. Of course, since I was an early teen spending my summer lawn mowing earnings, my resources were limited and I settled for M7's which I still own! Recently, I remembered those SDA's and decided to search for a pair. I now own a pair of severly beat up SDA1 signatures, and as a labor of love, I am restoring them. I can't wait to listen to them!
  6. headrott
    Recently got a pair of 2.3TL's! Much improvement over the 3.1TL's! Very nice.

  7. RickTfromAZ
    I have a pair of SRS SDA 1.2tl's that I acquired in December of 2009. I also have a pair of RTA15tl's that I bought new. I went and drooled over the 1.2tl's when they were new and then bought what I could afford at the time; the RTA15's.
    I just got a pair of CRS+ FOR $14.99 for the ,the only flaw is one of the woofers does not play.
    SDA 1C Studios
  10. Mel Cavvanaugh
    I own a pair of SDA SRS speakers. Bought them around '86. Great speakers.
    Mel Cavvanaugh AKA "AT1"
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