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Rockford Audio Society

  1. dkg999
    OK, not sure how this all works, but figured we should have our own social group so we aren't constantly hi-jacking other threads!
  2. dkg999
    I also made this social group invite only so we can keep out the anti hifi insurgents! Let me know what other IL members should be invited.
  3. SCompRacer
    Looks like I pressed the right button! Hi Doug. Thanks for the invite. Where the heck is Rockford anyway?:D
  4. heiney9
    Hi Rich,

    Are you serious? You don't know where Rockford is? Most who live in Illinois know of Rockford. We are almost straight North of Bloomington. We are about 20 miles South of the Wisconsin border. Probably take you about 2 hours or so from Plainfield. I have a cousin who lives over in the Plainfield area.
  5. MikeC78
    I like this... props to Doug! Need to invite McLoki, opus, Halo(haven't heard from him in awhile).
  6. dkg999
    I did invite McLoki and Opus. I will invite Halo, although you're right I haven't seen him on the bord for a while. I invited Wodom1 also. Isn't TonyB also in the Chicago area? Rich - should I invite Normanality?
  7. SCompRacer
    LOL Yes, I know where Rockford is Brock. When I worked at UPS as a fleet manager, for two years I had all the North Illinois extended area stations. That included Rockford, Freeport, Dekalb, Waukegan and Crystal Lake. I put over 1500 miles a month on a VW Jetta back then. That was a great job, like 8 hours a day! After that, I was sentenced to the large hubs in the Chicago area, a 1/2 year in Louisville, KY helping get the UPS airline operation going, and a stint in the trailer shop in Fort Worth, Texas. Most of my work life has been spent in the package shipping biz.

    Victor is going through some tough times. Read the text under the last picture in his showcase. I'll call him and ask if he is interested.

    Norm has little interest in forums at this time. You can invite him, and I will also mention it as we talk near every day.

    Good job Doug!
  8. dkg999
    Wow, that's too bad about Victor and his wife. I thought they made a pretty dynamic and fun couple.

    Well Rich, you should of been a little more forceful in your advice not to get back into vinyl It's been fun so far! I've got the Pro-ject RM5-SE set up in my office at the farm in IA, using the Dodd ELP, Marsh A200s, EPOS ELS-3 speakers and Signal Cable IC's and speaker cables. It sounds wonderful! I had about 50 to 60 albums that I didn't get rid of, mostly because they were the better CBS MasterSound and similar pressings. Listening to CD's now that I'm back at my place in IL I can notice some differences. It will be interesting to get the TT out here and into my main 2 ch system.

    It is kind of nice to go out to the flea markets and second hand stores on a Saturday and be able to buy a boat-load of albums for a $20 bill!
  9. SCompRacer
    Yes, it is sad to see it happen. Like he tells me, there are good days and bad. I just got off the phone with him and Victor said send the invitation! It will be nice to see him posting again.

    I could have been more forceful about the vinyl thing, but as you know, misery loves company….:D I haven’t had much luck with Goodwill or garage sales in my area. I have been on a quest for vinyl lately, including getting higher/better quality pressings of my old favorites. There are some sellers on ebay that grade reliably and have fair BIN prices, although you do take a risk on your first order.

    Older MFSL titles are big bucks when you find them. However, Holland and Japanese pressings can be had for a few to several dollars more than US pressings, and the vinyl and sound quality is very high. I kinda like the Obi thing (the strip wrapped around the LP in Japanese), and may even learn how to read the language. Carl saw my post about my waiting for a Holland and Japanese pressing of Rush’s Moving Pictures, and he dibbed the one I didn’t keep. He told me he was very pleased with it.
  10. McLoki
    Yes, very sorry to hear of Victor and his wife.

    So welcome everyone - thanks for inviting me. I guess I passed Doug's definition of not an anti hifi insurgent... :)

    This is a cool idea - thanks for inviting me. Not into vinyl yet (thank god) but am back on the basement quest to try and get a real theater built... I am thinking of trying a couple of DIY 18" subs in it just for fun... I found a local source for 18" and 24" sonotubes. (up to 12' long max - pay by the foot plus $4.50 per cut made)
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