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Rockford Audio Society

  1. cubdog
    Hi guys! Thanks for the invitation. I haven't been on the computor much this summer. Trying to stay active while the weather is nice. Since I have not met any of you personally I'll post a more formal introduction soon. Ross "cubdog"
  2. SCompRacer
    No preference for beer? Where is Kevin? OK, how about Edelweiss....

    Brock, just bring some music you like. I will have food and drinks here. Thanks for asking.

    I am looking forward to Sunday. Got the LP bin done and put it next to the gear rack. Can't wait till the wife gets home from Texas and sees the new addition. Now I need to build the second one to hold the rest of em...and the ones that ain't bought yet. LOL

    I'll sell everything, and start over. Or bring my old system home from the shop. Too bad about the paint overspray and diesel fumes.... Refoamed Infinity 5000a's with the emit tweeters, yammy receiver/CD player, Denon cassette deck. Still got the old Denon TT downstairs...the future son in law hasn't got the room for it yet. I wasn't too picky when I was into cars.

    Lots of nutty behavior lately. I am in avoid mode.
  3. SCompRacer
    Hi Ross. Welcome.
  4. LessisNevermore
    Hey again all!
    I guess I should introduce myself, since y'all were kind enough to extend an invite to me.
    My name is Duell. (a cruel joke by my Married 15 years.
    I am a working stiff, a Millwright. (I know, what the hell is that?) I install and maintain various types of machinery, spending a lot of time in the nuclear plants for refuel outages, re-building the turbines and generator. We also installed about 9 miles of conveyor in the Lowe's distribution center, and various other d.c.'s (lots of other stuff too, never boring)

    I am 38, a drummer for 30 of those years, and builder of drums when I can carve out some time. I have a small home studio setup (my basement) that also needs my attention.

    I've been into audio for as long as I can remember, and the illness is overpowering.

    Now that's out of the way, I look forward to meeting you guys, and hearing some tunes on your fine systems. I'll bring the Guinness.
  5. dkg999
    Duell - welcome aboard!

    Holy crap! It's safer in here than the main forum. I hope H9 is right that this is a seasonal affliction of the forum!

    I will be testing another new Polk speaker. It's not here yet, but hopefully I can again get some local insight to help out with the evaluation of this one.
  6. SCompRacer
    I always think of the great quote from the Marathon Man....Is it safe? (I understand if some of you young folk must google that flick).

    Say, Doug, how did it go last night?:p:D

    Welcome Duell. My buds a machinist so I kinda knew a little about a MillWright. Do you glow in the dark like Carl (schwarcw) does?:D

    Kewl beans on the new speaker Doug. Is it top secret? Does it have a name?
  7. SCompRacer

    My two piece flipper LP bin, on wheels.....I shoulda made it bigger.
  8. dkg999
    That looks really nice!!!!!!!!! And it's already full! Hmmm, my Oberwiess Dairy crates aren't looking so good now!
  9. SCompRacer
    Thanks Doug! I still have one milk crate and some overflow in the lower level entertainment center. Funny story, when we carried that down, my bud said "Is it really this heavy?" I said yeah, solid wood man. He started opening doors and found one section filled with vinyl...his end...LOL Mug was bigger than me though, and handled it.

    Got the other two Tri Traps and stacked them. Two 8 foot high columns in each corner. In Silver Papier. They looked more Papier in the picture, but more Silver in real life. Not a bad color scheme for the room though.

    I had the wife choose the color, but didn't show her the pictures of what they were......(After 33 years with her, I still love to live dangerously;)). Man, the South wall setup never sounded so good. Bring some barf bags anyway, just in case....:D I got a pair of Lsi7's and a ML Depth we can press into service if needed.
  10. Ricardo
    Rich, that's what I need for my records. How many can you fit in there? Can you send/post measurements?
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