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Rockford Audio Society

  1. Ricardo
    Hmmm.....maybe now?????
  2. Ricardo
    Ha ha. 1,000 pages of B.....I mean of great RAS conversation!!!!!!
  3. dkg999
    1000+ pages and we'll probably hit 10,000 posts yet tonight. We should make any new members read the entire chain and report back on where we've been!
  4. SCompRacer
    My daughter bought her first house, a ranch duplex with appliances, in Plano. I go for an inspection on Friday.

    I'd like the forum pages to be like they used to with the latest on top.
  5. dkg999
    I'd like the forum pages to be like they used to with the latest on top.

    That would be nice!
  6. Ricardo
    That's great news Rich!!! Now you have a place to go in winter. Make sure she has space for the rig!!!!
  7. heiney9
    Congrats Rich! Ricardo, I think he means Plano, IL not too far from where Rich lives now. Not Plano Texas, so no Winter get away.
  8. daboyz
    That's cool, Rich! Lots of great buys out there now.
  9. SCompRacer
    Yeah, my bad. Brock is correct. I should have indicated Plano, IL for our out of state members.

    I think our guv'ment gives her $8K, after filing probably a 1/2 inch thick stack of forms? I haven't looked into the process yet.
  10. SCompRacer
    I'm having a tough time getting back in the saddle after being off last week. Can't sleep, going to the artery clogging and weight adding beef stand. Best take my last two days off next Monday and Tuesday.

    A2, no experience with the Grado phono. You would think they would know how to build one. One of the better stages I owned that performed well beyond its price point prior to the ModWright was the Monolith Sound PS•2 with dual mono power supply. This was built by Dusty of CI Audio. They are usually snapped up fairly quickly at Audiogon.
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