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  1. Ricardo
    Post # 10,000 has to be worth something.

    My first xover box. This dovetails **** takes some practice...

  2. dkg999
    Ricardo - very, very nice! Did you hand cut them or use a jig? I usually cheat and use my Leigh jig for dovetails, and my Incra jig for box joints.
  3. Ricardo
    JIG????? NEVER!!

    I wonder what the Rockler template is doing there :)

    Hand cut them.....hmmmm...not in 100 years.
  4. dkg999
    Nice Porter Cable router and Bosch bit! Everybody should hand cut a set of dovetails once, just for bragging rights!
  5. Ricardo
    It's a Craftsman $100 router; came with both the fixed and the plunge bases. Not bad for a first router. The bit came with the jig, so it's a Rockler I guess.
    I'll pass on the hand cut dovetails, thanks ;)
  6. dkg999
    Looked like one of the blue Bosch router bits in a Porter Cable 290 router! I have a Rockler Hardware store just a couple of miles from work. That's a bad, bad thing!
  7. blakeh
    That's a nice box, Ricardo.

    Ummmmm, that didn't sound quite right. ;)
  8. SCompRacer
    I'll play! Nice workmanship on that box Ricardo.
  9. Ricardo
    Thanks for the compliments on the box :)

    Still needs some sanding, make the dado for the bottom and glue it together. Plan to use a dark stain/natural combination to highlight the dovetails. Should look pretty good. For the top, I'm undecided; thought of using wood, but lately the idea of having an acrylic top is crossing my mind. Should be cool to be able to see the components, which are actually pretty nice. We'll see.

    Found a very nice 2 1/2" thick Oak board that will use for the bases. Should be pretty straight forward from here and only require the time to do the work. The only thing that has me a bit concerned is the cloth; might be a bit tricky to staple it and there won't be any room for mistakes there (oooops...missed that staple...there goes the frame...).
  10. SCompRacer
    A2, I forgot to mention the Hagerman Coronet2 that mhardy brought up. You can build that from mild to wild depending on quality of components used. The one I built for Carl ran ~$600 with Auricaps. It sounded very good with a couple of not the best tubes in it and only 50 hours on it. It did not get along with my ModWright pre (hum), but Carl says it is quiet in his rig with the Rogue Magnum 99 pre amp.

    This is an MM stage with 40dB of gain, so no low output MC's unless you use a step up.
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