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  1. ALL212
    I've heard the Hagerman stuff was pretty nice - and I've visited the web site. That sounds like a pretty good idea.

    Doug - I've got all of next week off. Won't be home on Monday but if your parts arrive and it works out I'll have time to do the crossovers at sometime during the week.
  2. dkg999
    A2 - hopefully all the parts will arrive in the next few days. GR Research claimed to have the Mills resistors in stock, that's the only unknown at the moment.
  3. ALL212
    I have two 1 ohm Mills - use them on the MMG's so they are removable. I have a pair of 2 ohm's that I can put in their place - or I'll just short the MMG's over. So - If GR doesn't come through we have a backup plan!
  4. comfortablycurt
    Rich-That Hagerman Coronet2 is absolutely stunning...very beautiful workmanship on it. Good job!!

    I keep tossing that around as my next phono pre upgrade. I've read a lot of praise for them all around the net.

    I might have to have you build me one of them eventually.;)
  5. SCompRacer
    Doug, what values do you need? I have four Mills, 7.5 Ohms IIRC.
  6. heiney9
    The next time I complain about the main rig................politely ask me if I have the correct (ie; better sounding) rectifier installed. Whoo Weeeeeeee the Brimar 5Z4G really brings it! Much tighter and quicker than the RCA 5V4G. Rectifiers matter :p.

    Dave, I have a line on 2 more of the Brimar rectifiers, but I don't need both so if you are interested in splitting the sale let me know. I bought my others from a guy in Sweden who is a solid seller, but he sells them in pairs. The shipping kills @ $15. NOS from a military bulk pack from the 1940's.
  7. daboyz
    Brock - Sure. Price is always the concern. Let me know.

    Duell - Yea or nay on the Pio?

    Curt - We're good.
  8. heiney9
    Dave, probably $65-80 shipped so split that number. Last time I won them for $49.99 + $15 shipping. I'll watch the auction and keep you posted. Crap I was thinking of anothe auction shipping from Sweden is $24 so half of $75-90. Even with shipping it's a damn good deal for these rectifiers, they are SWEET.
  9. daboyz
  10. dkg999
    A2 - back-up plans are always good. As Sgt Jim Brick says about gunfights "have a plan, have a back-up plan, have a plan when all the plans fail" ..... works real well in corporate affairs too!
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