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  1. comfortablycurt
    Curt - We're good.

    Sounds great. I might be able to get up there next weekend actually, if you're gonna be around. I'll get back to you sometime next week to confirm.
  2. heiney9
    Curt, FWIW next weekend would be good for me too if you want to stop by.
  3. dkg999
    A2 - is this the phono pre you were looking for? No tax and free shipping, not sure what the good street price really is?
  4. ALL212
    phono pre

    Well, here's the story.

    A person offered me a trade of one of those + $250 for the tube pre. Before he finalized that I got another offer from the craigslist posting for the tube pre also so I've tentetively honored the Craigslist offer (less hassle should it prove good). Probably a screwy deal on either but that's why I was looking for opinions on whether that TTpre was ok or not. Grado is good name but everyone ships a lemon once and awhile! Just wanted to insure that it wasn't a total bomb.
  5. dkg999
    As Paul Harvey would say "and now the rest of the story"

    Good Day!
  6. comfortablycurt
    Brock-Alright. I'll get back to you next week to confirm, but that'd probably be fine for me too.

    If anyone's curious...I'm buying Dave's Peerless 7B's. Curiosity killed the cat, and I've gotta A/B them with my Peerless 7A's. The A's used MW6500's, and the B's used MW6502's. I'm curious to see if one sounds better than the other. I've heard several people claim that the 6502's have better bass output.
  7. daboyz
    It took two years and 65,000 miles but I finally got into an accident today on 90. A hot little 20 yr. old rear ended me at about 6:30 A.M. just short of Elgin. Everyone in front of us checked up and when I did she nailed me. The guy in front of me nailed the chick in front of him so it was a party.

    My back and neck are pretty sore but the car seemed to make it through OK. I can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow.
  8. SCompRacer
    Sorry to hear that Dave. Yeah, you'll be sore but it could have been worse. I'm glad you are still here in one piece.
  9. SCompRacer
    What would make it worse is if you had some audio gear in the car that you had just bought and it got damaged too.:p:D
  10. daboyz
    Rich - Glad you've got the priorities straight.;)

    I'm lucky she hit me straight on instead of spinning me or otherwise you guys could be fighting over my gear by now. There was a lot of traffic.
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