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  1. comfortablycurt
    Dave-Good to hear you're'll be sore, but things always could have been worse.

    Those young girls are usually too busy doing their makeup, texting and dancing at the same time to be bothered by the fact that they're driving a car.

    At least she was a 20 year old hottie though. She's only a few years younger than me...did you at least get her phone number for me? I think she and I need to get together for some very sensual driving lessons.;)
  2. comfortablycurt
    Do any of you guys have access to the Audiogon bluebook? I've got a line on a Parasound P3 preamp from another member that just upgraded to a Parasound JC2 preamp. He knew I was looking to get one soon, and offered it to me. He's not in any hurry to sell it, and offered to hang on to it for me until I'm ready to purchase it. He's trying to get a handle on the fair market pricing, and was hoping that he could find someone with access to the Bluebook.


    Average prices from what I've seen in the past tend to be around $500 or so.
  3. dkg999
    Dave - sorry to hear that! I know a little about being in that kind of accident. Lots of ibuprofen and go to the dr and get it checked. Soft tissue damage is very deceptive and needs to be dealt with immediately. I can recommend a good massage therapist, because in a few weeks you'll need that.
  4. dkg999
    A2 - everything is here except for the Mills 1 ohm resistors and they shipped today.
  5. comfortablycurt
    Dave-Just the 7B's have the gray paper rings around the MW's and PR's? No big deal either way...I was just wondering.
  6. ALL212
    Mills 1 ohm resistors

    And I have backups of those so we should be good to go! I'll be back late Monday, no solid plans for the rest of the week so find a time that works for you and let me know when the party should start.

    Curt - sorry, used to have bluebook access but my subscription has run out.
  7. heiney9
    Glad you're OK Dave..............I hate dumbass drivers.

    Curt, it seems the HCT is far down on your list. I'm not holding it forever :).

    I get to help my friend Trina move today, this is the time of year when I find out how really out of shape I am :(.
  8. dkg999
    Brock - I can haul this back for you as I'll be in Des Moines next weekend :p
  9. LessisNevermore
    Duell - Yea or nay on the Pio?

    Sorry Dave, I totally missed this post.

    Work has been a bitch, but it's all done now. I was waiting to hear back from a friend, to shift my player...can I get you an answer by tomorrow? (I'll be seeing him tonight) If not, I understand.
  10. dkg999
    Today's lesson ...... whenever there's a tool or special hardware related item you need and you figure that the only chance is to search the internet and order it ....... your first stop should be Nicholson Hardware in Rockford! 5.5mm open ended miniature wrenches were in stock!
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