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Rockford Audio Society

  1. comfortablycurt
    Brock-Yeah, I'm gonna have to pass on the HCT for now. I'd love to pick it up...but the timings just not right.
  2. blakeh
    Nicholson is the best. I was just there last week. Helpful people, and they have EVERYTHING. I hope they continue to flourish.
  3. daboyz
    Duell - No worries. Let me know.
  4. ALL212
    So this morning before I left home I got an email from my potential buyer on assistant sent the wrong payment and I've overpaid you, please refund the difference in a Western Union payment addressed to my shipper who will contact you...ya, ok, born yesterday - NOT.

    This afternoon I get the following from another wonderful Craigslister.

    #1 - Granite Audio SUCKS.
    #2 - You're link doesn't work.
    #3 - All those extra tubes are crap.
    #4 - People like you trying to sell their crud for way too much makes Craigslist a joke.

    #5 - I'll give you $100 for the whole lot.

    This last from some smarta$$ who's alias here would be daboyz. :p

    Butt munch. :D
  5. daboyz
    I had to bring you down a notch and then bring it.

    It's a solid offer...........;):D
  6. heiney9
    Cragislist sucks for high dollar items!
  7. F1nut
    If you want to borrow a pair of the Valvo 6201’s, I’d more than happy to send you a pair for evaluation.

    Brock, Two things.....I would need four and we definitely have different sound preferences. I appreciate your offer though.
  8. comfortablycurt
    A2-I'd like to one-up Dave's offer, and offer you $50 for the whole lot.

    Picking it up won't be a problem. Is tomorrow evening good for you?:p;)

    Duell-Call me! My gear is spilling over my racks and hanging off the sides! We need to coordinate a time to meet won't be a problem for me to come out to your house. You've still gotta prove to me how great multichannel can sound with your MC LSi setup too.;)
  9. LessisNevermore
    Dave, sorry, no sale...... My friend passed, and I couldn't sell the wife on a dvd player for the bedroom.

    Curt, what the hell are you doing up at 6 am?:D:p
    Did you get up early, or have you not been to bed yet?

    I'll give you a call.
  10. SCompRacer
    My first video attempt. I was supposed to be washing the living room floor before some folks came over at the weekend, but had to play with the new camera. The editing software is a steep learning curve for me too. The camera is just an inexpensive Sony miniDV (tape). I did notice and get the dust off the cartridge before everyone came over...
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