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  1. Ricardo
  2. Ricardo
    Belles 21a has a HT bypass. Haven't heard that one, but I'm a Belles fan and it has great reviews.
  3. dkg999
    The Marantz 2270 just arrived! Absolutely bomb and USPS proof packing job by Snow! It took me 20 min just to hack my way into the box and find the receiver. Hooked up and playing FM now. Sounding great!

    Of course the USPS can get a 50lb box from Fairbanks AK here quicker than they can a packing envelope with 2 Mills resistors in it from TX!
  4. ALL212
    Odyssey Tempest (SS) and Candela (tube) can both be had with HT bypass in them.

    Doug - I'm on a honey doo list from hell today but the rest of the week (except Friday PM and Sunday) seem to be open. I've got 1 ohm Mills so if they get delayed I'll trade!
  5. dkg999
    A2 - let's plan on Wed if that works. Hopefully I'll get the new 1 ohm Mills resistors in the mail tomorrow. I have to be in the office tomorrow but should be able to leave right at 5 pm and make it back to Rockford in decent time.
  6. heiney9
    Dave - We won the rectifiers. I'll let you know the damage, probably looking at about $42-44 each
  7. ALL212
    Doug - Wednesday should be just fine and I'll be here anytime.
  8. daboyz
    Brock - I see someone tried to out bid you. What did you set the Snipe at? If that was you A2 to get back at me for the CL thing then I'll have to come over there and do something bad...........;)
  9. ALL212

    Don't need rectifier tubes no more - not my doing! :p
  10. heiney9
    I sniped at $64.99 but that was after someone came in with the opening bid w/ 2 hours left. I figured someone wanted them. He used to put a pair up FS every couple weeks but I haven't seen him selling them lately so I kinda wanted them. You should really like the tone and soundstage. If I pay him tonight he should ship on Thursday per his ad. I went with him because he did a great job last time I bought from him. I have an addiction...........I'm watching some Adzam ECC35's (6SL7) for the office rig. 1950's version but the guy is selling them as singles and wants to charge me $30 to ship a pair from the Netherlands. They are very rare and sweet tubes. I'm sure I'll get out bid. Tube world sells NOS matched pairs for $250...........we'll see.
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