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  1. heiney9
    Yep just put in the Adcom and L side is only dims and R side is only the tweets I believe. It should have nothing to so with the Nak pre as it wasn't even powered up when this happened. I'm going to swap out speaker cables to see if might possibly be the network boxes on the MIT's but I doubt it

    Any ideas?
  2. heiney9
    It appears turning off the Dodd blew something in the left SDA as it's only the dims :(:(
  3. daboyz
    I hate to say it but I think you blew your speaks. I was drinking and did exactly what you did and it popped my SDA's pretty good. Luckily they survived.

    That sucks.:(:(
  4. heiney9
    It's not the SDA's.............I brought the 5B's out and same thing. The NAK gives me one channel the Dodd gives me nothing but a static pulsing......I think it might be a bad I/C or I'm going to try and reset the PS Audio Power conditioner.

    I'm using the Adcom amp so I know that wasn't involved at all. If the I/C doesn;t do it................I'm bringing out the integrated amp. It's strange the NAk would only have one channel and Dodd none
  5. Lowell_M
    so it's not your new amp? Thank god. So what is your troubleshooting path now? both pre's exhibit bad sound... multiple speakers = screwed up sound, multiple amps and bad sound? all that is left is ic's and speaker wire. right? that is weird.
  6. heiney9

    Got some bad news one of the I/C's you sold me is defective. I swapped those out with another pair of Signals and viola........full sound again. Do you still have the receipt as I'm sure Frank would do a no hassle replacement?

    I will continue to trouble shoot these I/C's as they have been working fine up until now

    Stay tuned......this is certainly confusing.
  7. SCompRacer
    Damn! Sorry to hear about that Brock.....usual order for power up with tube gear is amps on last, amps off first. I hope damage is minimal. OK, just saw your post. IC's? That would be good in this situation.

    (A pair of CRS+'s to swap with your main/good speakers once in a while).

    Carry them upstairs? No way! I dunno, I just like my flat panels.

    Rich - good to see you posting again! I am assuming you've recovered from the nasty plague stuff!

    Thanks! Still not 100%. Dry cough. After effects of lotsa drugs. Clear head though. Feels so good that it feels strange.
  8. heiney9
    so it's not your new amp?

    No, you could throw this thing off a building and it would probably be unphased. I do worry a bit because even though the Aleph can handle a continuous dead short doesn't mean the speakers can handle whatever is going thru the output stage of the amp at that point.
  9. daboyz
    That's strange,I never had a problem.I doubt I would've kept a receipt.
  10. heiney9
    That's strange,I never had a problem

    Tell me about it; never had so many stereo related issues in one month . I'll try them in the office rig once I get it back together as I brought almost all the gear out to the main room to trouble shoot.
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