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  1. LessisNevermore
    I can spend the same amount as the Skiing Ninja ones and get much better components.

    Doug, or A2....

    How do you tell what's "much better" between brands, etc.? (or) How do you know what it will do to the sound, or is it an educated guess?
  2. ALL212
  3. ALL212
    How do you tell what's "much better" between brands

    From my standpoint - much reading on the internet then availability but most important having heard them and obviously that's the tricky part!

    I've used Solens and I know what they sound like- better than electrolytic but not my "sound".

    I tried Clarity Caps next and like the sound - they have varying price points that are easy to budget or not budget for and are easily to get.

    I can't imagine that H9 won't chirp in here somewhere also!
  4. daboyz
    The Clarity's definitely took my 1C's up a notch.
  5. dkg999
    I got an email from Parts Connexion and they are having a sale on most everything. I can forward the email if you want to see it.

    As A2 said, lots of reading and half-believing of what's on the internet. I just figure any capacitor not as big as my fist is probably a wannabe and not worth my time
  6. LessisNevermore
    Thanks guys, I'd like to re-visit this at the next meet up.
  7. Ricardo
    I just figure any capacitor not as big as my fist is probably a wannabe and not worth my time

    I knew I was buying the right ones ;)

  8. heiney9
    WOW! You guys were busy chatting last night. Ricardo and Dave, we are having it on a Friday afternoon to accommodate cstar01 who is passing through in the early afternoon. He has expressed interest in meeting up with us a few times. Plus, its a good excuse to take a Friday off.

    Duell, I don't have a way to split the digital output of the SQB without having a splitter. Unfortunately the digital coax is dead on my SQB or we could have used the optical for one dac and the coax for another.

    As far as caps go, it's mostly reading and finding out what other Polkies use and then a bit of experimentation. Like A2 stated, Solens are pretty good, but not great compared to Clarity Caps and Sonicaps. I really like the Auricaps for coupling caps caps in gear. They can get pricey if you use them in x-overs. The Obbligato's are nice as are oil filled Mundorfs which can get pricey.
  9. heiney9
    Power supply caps the numero uno is Black Gate but good luck finding them as they ceased production a couple years ago. Panasonic are nice but Nichicon FG and Elna Cerafine seem to be a bit better than the Panny's. Muse makes some nice smaller electrolytics. Small film/poly caps like REL and Multicap for smaller applications are very nice and Sonicap makes a nice small cap as well. Unfortunately if you working inside gear most time space dictates which to use. I wanted to use all Nichicon in the power supply of the Adcom but a couple values were physically too big so I had to stick with the Panny's in a couple of spots, probably not much of a difference anyway. So when modding gear pay VERY close attention to dimensions and size of replacement parts
  10. heiney9
    I hear a pretty positive difference between the Solens and Clarity on the high pass of the 5B's. Here's some reading material. Take it FWIW as they both seem to have opposite views on some of the same caps. Sometimes it just comes down to where they are used.

    There is a part II to the above review as well. I also do a Google search and DIY Audio has all kinds of info/opinions on caps.
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