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Rockford Audio Society

  1. Ricardo
    I see no reason for a ban

    I think this post might have started it all. Who knows what he sent in PM's after this:
  2. F1nut
    Ricardo, what are you using that Obbligato in?

    I think this post might have started it all.

    Yep, that's the one. The ranting's of a lunatic.
  3. heiney9
    Oh he's a lunatic alright...........poster boy for all lunatics. I was hoping it would be a permanent ban. I don't even read his stuff; I hate his writing style and it's mostly usless drivel anyways.

    I am thinking about modding my Adcom GFP-750 a few guys over at DIY have replaced the few caps in the signal path that supposedly make it sound even better. Although one of the guys did mention cost vs. performance increase is on the low end because it's so good already and when you run in passive it's the switch and vol control, no other passive parts have the signal passed thru them. But I was thinking of using some Obbligato's or Mundorf Oils for the few that need replacing. I need to do some more research but from the looks of it there is some room in there to work.
  4. LessisNevermore
    that supposedly make it sound even better.


    I'm reporting you to Uncle Nelson!:p
  5. Ricardo
    Ricardo, what are you using that Obbligato in?

    In the MMG's. Following Peter Gunn's design.
  6. daboyz
    Brock - Saturday's SUCK for me now,too. I'm a Saturday night or Sunday guy now.

    With all my dealing lately I'm going to have a decent amount of disposable cash to play with. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do. Some thoughts:

    Tube amp
    Upgrading from the Marsh
    MIT Shotguns
    Who knows what else?

    Notice I didn't say new pre. I could probably do a Rogue though.;):D
  7. Ricardo
    Who knows what else?

    A vacation with the family?????
  8. daboyz
    ^^^Screw that^^^^:D

    That's an entirely different fund.:)
  9. Ricardo
    ^^^Screw that^^^^

  10. Lowell_M
    Hey guys! How are things going around here? I continue to be too busy to do much hobby stuff. Well... I've got a track day at Mid-Ohio coming up in a couple weeks but other than that not much audio, beer making, golfing or anything.

    Big news here is that we are going to list our house this weekend and make an offer on another. Lots of projects to finish up here that I took to the 95% complete range and never finished. So... If anybody knows anyone living want a spacious and upgraded condo for a good price, let me know. My guess is that I list it and don't even get any hits at all, but we will see what happens. Found a house in Roscoe that would give us a yard and a lot more room.
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