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  1. Lowell_M
    Next on my upgade list is definately a GFP-750...its just going to have to wait a while. I will probably figure out what to do for a new sub once I get a theater set up in the new house as well.

    So, Dave... how many waves of equipment have you gone through since I have been here last?
  2. daboyz
    A1 - I wouldn't say waves,more like a light current.:)

    Good luck with the sale. Unfortunately right now is a tough time to sell and condos seem to be a dime a dozen. There were so many built and they're all pretty similar. It's just tough to sell anything. Yours should show well so you never know.
  3. ALL212
    Found a house in Roscoe that would give us a yard and a lot more room.

    Your house hunting skills are lacking - not one mention of where the stereo(s) are going to go and whether there is appropriate space for them. :D

  4. Lowell_M
    A2, Stereo placement and proper home theater setup were two of the highest priorities!! The Great Room in this house is huge with plenty of room for gear and good placement options.

    Dave... I know... going to be a tough sell. We are trying not to get our hopes up too high. there is infinite inventory of condos right now. Fortunately, the upgrades we have done to ours make it stand out at the pricepoint we will be at.... I think. We've got a ton of sweat equity in our place anyway with the basement, commercial grade laminate floors (that I've had to convince several people isn't real hard wood), granite countertops in kitchen, etc. Just have to get the right buyer to look at it.
  5. Lowell_M
    I'd have some work to do in the basement to take out one of the walls they put in and transform it into what I would want for a HT and bar/pool table area, but there is lots of potential.
  6. Lowell_M
    So, Brock... Wanna buy a house?
  7. heiney9
    Ha, location, location, location. I'd be interested if it was closer to Rockford. Yeah, I know it's not that far. I'll certainly give it some serious thought.
  8. dkg999
    I'd be interested if it was closer to Rockford

    Some of us come from places where it's a 45 mi drive to anywhere. You should be interested because it's closer to places like Roscoe, Rockton, Durand, etc! You know, places that don't have the hood ryders rolling down the streets at night!
  9. LessisNevermore
    Hey Brock, you have a question outstanding.....
  10. heiney9
    Yeah, that never really happened long enough to evaluate. I did hook it up but only listened for a few hours and as nice at the int. is it was a huge letdown compared to the Aleph. In fact it made me realize how far I had come and how good the main rig is.

    To be 100% fair I'd have to evaluate again after the power cord updgrades and the new dac mods. The Dared integrated is a perfect match for the 5B's in the 2nd bedroom, but yes, someday I'd like to run it in the main rig after it's good and warmed up and I can spend some quality listening time with it.
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