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  1. dkg999
    Tearfully playing all my Buddy Holly CD's and LP's tonight :) It was 50 years ago as of last night that his plane went down in a cornfield near Clear Lake IA. I have visited that spot on previous memorials that were held at the Surf Ballroom, the venue for his last show.

    I'm not sure why I like Buddy Holly so much. Maybe there is some truth to the theory that people play music for thier babies while they are in the womb. I know my Mother listened to lots of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly before I was born. I have the original albums and 45's she had.

    Every time I listen to his songs I realize how much energy he had, how lively the sound was, and how much ahead of his time he was. The music really did die just a little bit on that night!
  2. heiney9
    Yep, Buddy Holly was certainly one of the greats!!! Doug, how long do you let the Dodd warm up? I'll try it again tomorrow night. I confess I'm guilty of only letting it warm up less than a minute before trying to play it this time around.

    It gives sound now (the time I tried it with known good I/C's) but it's real distorted and fuzzy, again less than a minute warm up. I will try those I/C's in the office rig tomorrow. But, I suppose a shorted I/C could take out a tube? With the bad I/C's neither channel played.

    Weird stuff going on,,,,,,get rid of the hum and hiss and now a shorted I/C. Perhaps a Bose system would have been less hassle :p:)
  3. dkg999
    It shouldn't take more than a minute to warm up. The short may have taken out a tube heater circuit, or the output capacitors. I wanted to have the dual output added to it so I can run directly to a sub when using the mini-monitors, so this will be the motivation to send it to Gary Dodd and get that done!
  4. SCompRacer

    A critic labeled Buddy as the single most influential creative force in early rock and roll. True dat. I grew up listening to him with my older bros and sister. RIP Charles Hardin Holley.
  5. SCompRacer
    Bad solder joints on IC's can cause nasty hums too. Seen it happen on Harmonic Technologies and MIT's, just to name a couple.
  6. dkg999
    Maybe that was the culprit of the hum we couldn't get rid of in Brock's system
  7. SCompRacer
    Maybe that was the culprit of the hum we couldn't get rid of in Brock's system

    My bad, not thinking clearer sooner. Had it happen to me before with some of the first production run of HT Pro Silway MK III + IC's. I had no noise in my system until I tried those. He used a very stiff copper ground wire, and the solder joint broke on one IC in the process of plugging them in. He replaced all four pair, even though I offered to resolder them up.

    Happened at Joe's too. He was wiggling the IC, trying to make it stop. I begged him to just shut it down and swap them out, and he did. No use risking the gear. Thit happens.
  8. heiney9
    Well, we'll see tomorrow how the Dodd made out. Here's an interesting tid-bit I got from Jesse

    Just an FYI, at Ted's PF the Dodd MLP and MIT Shotgun cables did not get along, at all. At one point the combo caused the solder to melt on the positive tweeter connection on Trey's Taylo's.

    I did NOT and will NOT hook the MIT T2's to the Dodd. Dave, did you use your T2's between your Dodd and Marsh with good results?

    Granted T2's are not the Shotguns, but.......
  9. SCompRacer
    I heard about the meltdown, but find it hard to believe the MLP/MIT combo would cause that. My memory is fuzzy and I may mix gear combos up, but I had a Dodd MLP with MIT S1 IC's/S3 speaker cables and Carver Amazings. I recall them working well together. What didn't work was the MIT's with my ESL's. They sounded veiled, both at Norm's and my place, so I sold the MIT's in our FM.
  10. SCompRacer with pictures

    Well, the Sanders 10b speakers showed up at Burkes place for the Summit/10b shootout, but a problem has developed with one speaker (low output). Roger is going to send a replacement panel transformer. Burke seems to be very open minded (unlike some ML owners) about the speaker comparison (he stated "they are definately a contender") and I look forward to meeting him Sunday.

    Burke already has a pair of Sanders ESL mono block amplifiers on his Summits and a Sanders ESL 2ch amplifier. He has offered to bring the mono blocks over to my place (LUST! 1,600 watts RMS into a 4 ohm load), but I declined. (I don't got the $8K). Not that I need them anymore, but dear wife would cut my nards off if I spent that much on amps!
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