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  1. daboyz
    Ooooooohhhh,Rush!! I bet Brock is getting a little warm right now,too.
  2. SCompRacer
    Ricardo, I borrowed this design, except I did it in two pieces. I cut it at 22 inches high and stuck HD casters on it; two straight on one side, two swivel on the other, with one swivel of the locking type. Mine isn't as deep as theirs (~16" versus 18") and it holds a little over 300 singles/doubles with a little room to sort them. They claim 400.

    They use cam lock. I used a router with 3/4" Dado bit, glued and screwed it. I have a Kreg pocket hole tool.
    The pocket holes are in the back panel and bottom so they are not visible from the front/sides.

    I did the sides/front in Oak, and used less expensive Aspen for the back, Oak ply for the bottom. I think I got $200 in materials alone. One could save big bucks using a less expesive wood and painting it. The Aspen was a mistake as the grain is really open on some of the slats it is assembled from and required multiple sandings and recoatings to get decently smooth.

    I got rid of many of my woodworking tools after I finished the lighted lower level. (Really missed my table saw...) I used a Skil saw with fine cut blade. I clamped a straight edge down as a guide so I cut straight lines. To route the Dado, I also clamped a straight edge down to use as a guide. That really added time to the job.
  3. SCompRacer

    Oh yeah! We got 2112, Moving Pictures (Japanese pressing) , Farewell To Kings, Permanent Waves, PW remaster, Rush, Power Windows, Fly By Night, Caress Of Steel....on the black discs. My bud Norm was a big Rush fan and was backstage for a couple of performances in Cheecago.

    Got lots of Zep too.
  4. Ricardo
    Thanks Rich. I don't have any woodworking tools; I do have a couple of saws, but no routers or anything like that. But I'm not afraid to do anything, and I'll find a way to make it look decent.
  5. LessisNevermore
    Welcome Duell. My buds a machinist so I kinda knew a little about a MillWright.

    I was a machinist/tool and die maker for 15 years, when the die shops started closing like crazy, I bailed. Not going down with the ship.

    Do you glow in the dark like Carl (schwarcw) does?

    Only in that certain part of the male

    Rush. Zep. mmmmm, tasty. (wow, no BB code in here? bummer)
  6. schwarcw
    Greetings gentlemen and thanks for the invite! I've had the opportunity to visit Rich, Victor, Norm (RIP) and even Brett22 when he was living in Chi-town. I've also met Ricardo on a cold Saturday morning off an Interstate in Ohio to buy his Carver AL-III's. So, I feel like a know a lot of folks here. I'm going to Polkfest and I hope to see many of you there.

    Rich - the LP storage bins are terrific! They look so good I can almost smell the stain LOL!

    I read through most of the posts, I recently acquired a VPI 16.5 from Dipole Dan in a trade for my Nitty Gritty. I actually got the Nitty Gritty from Dipole Dan. He wanted it back because of the small footprint. Rich's observation about not being able to scrub on the Nitty Gritty is it's biggest downside. Otherwise, it's a great cleaner. Maybe we can have a cleaning demo at Polkfest.

    Ricardo - are you going to carry the Furutech flattener to Polkfest and give it to Ted?

    The Forum behavior has been unfortunate. I'm afraid to post because my name is Carl LOL!

    Thanks for the invite!!!!
  7. dkg999
    Carl - welcome aboard! I think I'm going to change the description of our social group to "Discussion forum for Rockford IL area members and for all IL CP members and friends who want a safe haven"!

    Now playing on the hifi .... the LP Martin Zellar and the GearDaddies .... Billy's Live Bait. The song Color of Her Eyes was written by Martin about a certain weekend adventure I had with a young lady while in Minneapolis for one of his shows.

    And Rich - yes the other night was successful! Here's to friends with benefits!
  8. dkg999
    And in looking at the posts in the other social groups I can see, we seem to be the most active!
  9. SCompRacer
    ..and I'll find a way to make it look decent.

    I have no doubt about that Ricardo!

    The bad thing about woodworking is the dust....unless you got one of them uber-vacuum setups. I had the leafblower on overtime blowing sawdust out the garage.

    Welcome Carl! I can send you some of the stain/poly on some kinda like that scratch and sniff issue of Hustler, for woodworkers.:D

    I don't listen to Rush/Zep like I use to. I have mellowed with age, I guess.

    Nothing but some country station going here at work. Once the afternoon guy leaves, I'll hit number 3 on the pre set for some rock on my old Infinity/Yammy setup. Ain't I a nice guy, letting someone play country on my gear at work?

    Carl, I tried to buy a 16.5 local to me but the guy never responded. I was one of the first 25 to see the ad and sent two emails. No sale pending/sold on the ad. I want to move the RCM downstairs so I can just walk away when I am done. Dear wife gets territorial about her island counter space in the kitchen. I would like to be able to scrub on the RCM. It would save time when I get 20-30 LP's.
  10. dkg999
    Now playing on the hifi ......... Michael Oldfield .... Brass Tubular Bells. This is a brand new LP I had found a few years ago and had never opened until the other day. It's amazing how much bass is in this recording, I hadn't remembered that! I wish I could find a clean copy of his Ommadawn LP!
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