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  1. blakeh
    The bottom line is that, to my ears, playback on my SB (with good cables, a good power supply, and a good external DAC) sounds every bit as good as the $1,500 CD player I used to own. I'm sure Doug is correct when he says that his Jolida sounds better to his ears. But for me, the convenience factor of the SB is through the roof. I've listened to more of my collection since I digitized it than I ever did before. That makes it totally worth it to me.
  2. dkg999
    Blake - well said! My comments were not meant to be disparaging of the SB. The convenience factor is off the charts and on about 80% of what I have compared the SB with the upgraded PSU and the PS Audio DAC is close enough that it just doesn't matter. In fact, for most of my listening it's close enough to not be a factor.
  3. Ricardo
    Benchmark has a 30 day trial period. Hmmm.....
  4. dkg999
    Ricardo - have you factored in the $1100 or so you need for a decent NAS server with RAID5 and at least 2.7 TB of storage?
  5. Ricardo
    Ricardo - have you factored in the $1100 or so you need for a decent NAS server with RAID5 and at least 2.7 TB of storage?

    BS! I won't fall for that (At least not for now). ;)

    I did order a 1TB drive for my 2 years old Dell XPS, and since I'm opening it, I also ordered 2 GB additional memory to take it to 4 GB.

    I've already ripped 50ish GB.
  6. dkg999
    Well, since I have said QNAP NAS server setting on my desk with 4 TB of drives running in RAID5, I consider it part of the convenience factor. It's still cheaper than most of my other audio/HT pieces of gear, and not having to worry about back-ups, etc. is great. I ordered a couple of spare drives so I can immediately replace a drive if one fails.
  7. Ricardo
    Doug, the thing is that I have no idea what you're talking about...QNAP, NAS, RAID5....absolutely no idea.

    -I won't google it.
    -I won't ask.
    -I just don't want to know!!!!!

    For once I want to put some money in my pocket and you guys won't let me!!!

    :D :D
  8. blakeh

    Tell ya what, since it would probably cost you around $1K to get a NAS unit, just give Doug and I $200 each and we won't talk you into buying one. See, we just saved you $600! ;)
  9. heiney9
    Ricardo, what will happen later on after you've spent many, many hours ripping your music a drive may fail (in most cases it's inevitable) when it fails you start over again ripping all your music. A real PITA. So what Doug has is essentially a series of HD's configured in what they call a RAID 5 array where all your info is redundant and recoverable over multiple drives should a single drive fail. As you have more and more music ripped it becomes important to have a HD system with redundancy when/if you have a HD failure. If there is one chink in digital music's armor it's the fact that it can be corrupted or destroyed fairly easily unless you make some sort of plan.

    In Blake's case he has spent almost 3 years ripping, cataloging over 7,000 cd's so in his case if he didn't have (2 backups) backups it would be catastrophic.
  10. Ricardo
    Maybe in the future. For now, I think I can back up all my music in a 250 GB external drive.

    7,000 CD's? I'll never have that much!
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