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  1. daboyz
    Doug - The Jolida really intrigues me,is that in Iowa or is it around here?
  2. SCompRacer
    It'd be great to meet her,she must be a saint to deal with the likes of you.

    Well come on down some time. Yeah, she is tops. I doubt I would be around today if it wasn’t for her. I was kinda wild and reckless in my youth. She really showed me what love is. 33 years, this year.

    Thanks for the well wishes, I will most certainly relay the messages. We have weathered a lot together. What don’t kill ya do make you stronger.

    Kewl beans about the second table Doug. 1100 posts, 18 members. How bout dat!
  3. dkg999
    The Jolida is over here in Belvidere in my main system. It's what we were using the day you, Aaron, and Brock were over here.
  4. daboyz
    Any thoughts on this:

    Doug - Sorry to say I was fairly new to all you guys at the time and really don't remember everything that we listened to. I just know that I liked it. I was kinda awestruck but now I just imagine you all like you're in your undies and all is well.:)
  5. daboyz
    Aaron - Thanks for the offer on the Rotel. I have a need to get something different. It may be the Jolida(Doug) or the MH above. Actually the Arcam's sound like they could be pretty cool. Sooooo many choices. Please chime in gents.
  6. SCompRacer
    Dave, I have no direct experience with the modded Music Hall. Here is a 6moons review of it.
  7. SCompRacer
    Please chime in gents.

    Since you asked... I don’t know if this is in your budget, but I’ll offer for your consideration a Quad CD-P. This one (used) is sold and for a reasonable price. I had one of these before I got my most amusing ModWright Sony 9100ES demo and it was a remarkable stand alone CD player. Carl (schwarcw) has it now. I used it with a tube pre and it sounded wonderful. Carl used it in an all SS system and he felt it needed a tube buffer. Feel free to ask his input if you are interested.

    Quad has a lesser model, the CD-S, but I never heard that one. From what I read, it does not have the same transport and does not have all the digital inputs the CD-P had. Further research would be required. (Quads site has a brochure that describes the 99 series).
  8. SCompRacer
    Just for reference, my digital experiences. Between Norm, Victor and I, some of the digital sources owned or tried in my house include Adcom, CI-Audio DAC, Bolder Statement Squeezebox 3 w/CI Audio PS, Parasound Transport/DAC combo, AH! Njoe Tjoeb w/upsampler, Sheng Ya, McAlister modded Sheng Ya, Jolida (both stock and the Underwood mods), stock Sony 999ES, ModWright Sony 999ES w/SS power supply, the Quad CD-P and my most amusing ModWright Sony 9100ES w/tube PS. Norm even tried a Cary from the mysterious Iowa source who went off to Hollywood.

    What Norm felt about the Quad CD-P. While in the thread it says the Quad is on loan from Norm, I did eventually purchase it from him.

    As always, your mileage and preference may very well vary.
  9. Ricardo
    Happy Birthday Dave!!!!!

    Rich, best wishes for your wife today.
  10. SCompRacer
    Happy Birthday Dave!

    Thanks Ricardo!
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