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  1. SCompRacer
    Ricardo, here is a pic of the bin apart.

    The edges were routed with a 1/4" Roundover bit.

  2. Ricardo
    Thanks Rich. I have a project for winter.

    Welcome Carl. Not sure about the flattener; I will let Ted decide on that one.

    So you are ready to pass on the AL-III's...I miss them; but with my current room there's no way I could have them back :(
    I hope they stay in the family.
  3. daboyz
    Carl - not sure if you've been reading back but the PS cables definitely brought me more bass and have found a home in the 2 ch rig. Thanks again. Great to have you here!!

    All - As some know my wife just lost her grandmother to cancer and now her mother was just diagnosed with cancer. She'll be staying with us for a week for tests which is nothing out of the norm but she'll have a hysterectomy(sp?) in early Oct. and hopefully all will be well. She'll be staying with us then so I'm really still hoping to go to Polkfest but it's definitely not looking good.

    Still hoping to come Sunday though.
  4. daboyz
    Sorry,one more thing. Has anyone met nikolas812? He wants to borrow my Adcom GDA-600 and was just wondering if anyone has thoughts.
  5. schwarcw
    Dave - I knew that you would like those PS Audio cables. I am also going to post a pair of PS Audio Statement Bi-wires. You think those preludes are big? These cables look like a 3" pipe. The problem with these cables are they are an unmatched set. One 1Meter cable and a 2 Meter cable. These will work well if the audio rack is offset from center, maybe with a TV in between.

    Ricardo - I love the AL-III's, but my 2.3's are sounding so good now with the MIT cables, bi-amped, Signal Cable silver speaker cables and the Modwright Sony with the tube rectified power supply. I've never heard my system sound so good. The AL-III's are in my workshop with the analog gear and I am just do not do enough listening out there. Plus, I am going to bring my turntable into the family room. I hate to give up these speakers. I would have replied to Esavinon that these speakers will give the Amazings a run for thei money but the Carver lovers would have my ass. The Platinums have a bigger sound stage and the AL-III's can have a narrower sweet spot than the big Carvers, but still very nice. Ricardo said it all: "better looking, smaller footprint, easier to drive, accurate and open. We need to get a Forum member to own these. Keep them in the family.

  6. SCompRacer
    Dave, my wife is a cancer survivor so I know what you folks are going through. Thoughts and prayers....

    Carl, having owned the AL III +'s, AL III's, and Silver Amazings, I'll go on record saying the III's are easier to place in a room. I read somewhere that is one of the reasons Bob went with the AL III. The III's had a higher soundstage than the Silvers too. The AL III +'s with the cheaper xover/woofer came out after Bob left the company.

    Carl, I have a picture of the AL III's with them fat PS Audio pipes connected. You better have a good binding post, or them cables will twist it off..... You guys should see the cables I have now. Itsy bitsy ones.....
  7. daboyz
    God bless whoever buys those monsters, I had to get an end loader just to hook mine up!!:D
  8. heiney9
    Dave, don't know anything about Nikolas, perhaps you can ask him to deposit some money before you send it out.

    Doug, I'm ready for tomorrow-just let me know what tiem and I might need a refresher to get to your place. I have a general idea but......

    Looking forward to hear your rig's Rich.

    Dave, extend my condolences to Penny. Hope things go well with her Mom.

  9. SCompRacer
    We be ready! Looking forward to seeing you and Doug again. And meeting Dave if he is able to make it. I hope it don't rain all day tamale. I hate grillin' with a rain suit on....
  10. daboyz
    Then do it naked.....................:D

    I'll have to let ya know in the AM if I'll be going or not. I may be hanging with the MIL
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