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  1. dkg999
    I'll send out a pm on directions to my place! Doug.
  2. schwarcw
    Have fun you guys! Take some pics and post them in the main Forum. I'm envious as I'd love to hear Rich's vinyl setup. Good fun!
  3. daboyz
    Sorry all, I'll be going to the movies with my daughter and MIL so I'm out.
  4. daboyz
    How was it,gents?
  5. dkg999
    It was an absolutely fantastic afternoon! I'll post more later tonight, but a big thank you to Rich and his wife for being such good hosts! The music and food was fantastic!

    And I think we got Brock started down the path to vinyl!
  6. schwarcw
    That's good news Doug! Brock is hooked! LOL!
  7. heiney9
    I wouldn't say I was "hooked". But I have a new appreciation for vinyl. Now if I still had all those LP's I gave away years ago. I might go down that path once I get some other gear set.

    I had a great time, Rich and his wife Dana were excellent hosts. Rich loves to talk about audio and he's very knowledgable. He has a killer system that whne one is in the sweet spot it's like being there.

    I need to post something on the main forum.

  8. SCompRacer
    I am glad you both enjoyed yourselves. It was really good to have you both here on Sunday. Dana is happy you enjoyed her Chili, but is wary about being drafted as cook for future RAS functions.:p;):D

    My Saturday sucked. Norm's ashes finally made it back Friday. Saturday the cemetery was flooded, and a small private service was held for some closure. We all got soaked, but the rain wasn't that cold. The rental van was loaded in the rain and Norm's mother and belongings are on the way to SD. I inherited even more stuff, four GIK 244 bass traps. I also heard live music in the Roth household one last time. Norm's teen age nephew inherited his slide trombone. He assembled it and played it with his sister accompanying on the piano. He misses his uncle, but he told me no way could he afford such a fine instrument.

    We also had the ADT guy out to install an alarm as there has been some trouble in the hood. So if it looked like I was running down towards the end of the day, that is why.
  9. SCompRacer
    Brock, we were talking about the Nakamichi TT and my mind blanked on the other Japanese brand...Micro Seiki. I had a dual arm config on my Space Deck for a time using a Micro Seiki MA 505 MK III arm. Included with mine were two different length straight and one S shaped arm. I could do tracking force and tracking angle on the fly with that arm. Tracking force was done with a coil spring tucked inside the back of the arm tube where the balance weights resided. It was claimed that the arm would maintain correct tracking force with the TT tipped on its side. They still fetch a pretty good buck.

    Oh, and Doug....thanks so much for bringing the Tripp Lite out and letting me sneak a peek inside. Even though it was a newer model with different style board, I hope to be able to figure mine out.
  10. dkg999
    Rich - no problem! Thanks for the hospitality and the albums! I did stop at Music Direct on my way out of downtown Chicago today and picked me up one of those Zero Dust stylus cleaners. What was the seller on A-gon you got your tracking force guage from? I also picked up the new Boz Scaggs LP release of the '69 Muscle Shoals sessions. I'm wiped out tonight, but hopefully I get a chance to listen to it tomorrow night.
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