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Rockford Audio Society

  1. SCompRacer
    Good for you! It is good to swap stuff out. Only way to found your sound.
  2. dkg999
    A2 - if I actually get some time to be in IL we're going to have to get together so you can hear these littel Wharfdale Diamond 10.1's. I haven't pulled a x-over yet to see if a little tweaking is in order. They do sound really good, so maybe the audio reviewers weren't out-of-line with the high praise for them as budget mini-monitors.
  3. heiney9
    I know Chris (cmstar01) has been wanting to come to Rockford for one of our meets. Perhaps we could do a mini-RAS meet at my place. He's about a 3-4 hour drive so we'd have to coordinate a date that works so he could stay around the area with friends because he obviously can't really make it a one day round trip.
  4. ALL212
    I'd love to hear the Wharfdale's.
  5. SCompRacer
    Just got an email from Carl. He says Sunday, which I presume will be the 30th (awaiting date reply). Like noon to 7PM, then he has to go to Lake Bluff.
  6. dkg999
    Rich - that works in the schedule!
  7. dkg999
    So I'm waiting for the new South Park episode on how Kenny killed Netflix ;-)
  8. SCompRacer
    So I'm waiting for the new South Park episode on how Kenny killed Netflix ;-)

    LOL Could happen!

    Glad the new date is good for you! Hopefully it will happen this time....
  9. dkg999
    Just snagged a nice deal on two of the Lane Impulse leather recliners in the Blackberry colour! Gotta love Amazon sellers! Under a grand shipped to my door. I guess I better get the big hole in the ceiling of the upstairs room the Magnepans are going in patched up into an attic access opening.
  10. SCompRacer
    Great deal on nice chairs! Good thing you aren't in I didn't get much of an answer from Amazon about Canadian shipping but did get a $20 credit I used for an analog Weller solder station that was on sale. I'm gonna keep complaining to see what else they give me.

    OK, Carl has confirmed for Sunday. He plans to be here around noon, will leave ~7PM.
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