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  1. agfrost
    I've got his email, Dave, but I think it's probably the one linked to his PM/on his profile. LMK if you need it, you likely already have it?
  2. daboyz
    Thanks Brock and Jay.

    I've got his email.

    Jesse said he'd call him for me tomorrow. I'm sure he'll come through.
  3. ALL212
    New box for the headphone amp!

    I used popsicle sticks under it to make a bracket for those caps.

  4. SCompRacer
    Nice enclosure Aaron! Were those used or new popsickle sticks?

    I may need some wood and advice soon. I got a stealth PTP5 top plate on the way for my next Lenco plinth. These require much less material to be cut out compared the OEM stamped pan.

  5. ALL212
    Going to go with birch plywood? Or something else?

    might need to do another gathering...the bass corner traps are in, I found Amperex 7316's for the pre and the Mye stands are standing!

  6. SCompRacer
    Most likely the hard maple I got but it may need a 1" - 2" base under it. Also, might have to plane the top surface to make it absolutely flat. That means re-doing the stain, clear.

    Kewl on the corner traps. Did they help some?
  7. ALL212
    Dad's hiding some thick red oak for me. I'm pretty sure we can do that thick. However....natural wood of that thickness tends to warp. I know it sounds nuts but it's so big it curls with the grain. sometimes takes a year or more before it shows but there's no stopping it once it starts. Be better to laminate a bunch of thin stuff.
  8. SCompRacer
    I didn't notice that pic before...or it didn't load with this slow ......pc here. Nice color choice on your treatments.

    This look has me pretty excited. A local ebony wood in the Phillipines surrounds a layered baltic birch like I used. Not real excited about the acrylic top, but it sure looks nice. I could imagine sone nice hardwood with a gloss black finish. Might have one more gloss black job left in

    He is using the same PTP5 plate I would use. It is a minimal size compared to the large square PTP4 which has speed control at lower right. This design hides part of the motor plate that would stick out at 10-12 oclock. This guy has a speed controller to set 33 and 45 speed. I may do mechanical linkage for the two speeds. Don't want to build anything else until the DAC is finished. Got my Teleporters today so soon on that.

  9. ALL212
    Did they help some?

    Yes - and I'm rebalancing the active crossover because of it. Have to back down the crossover and the gain a bit. Thinking about using LENRD's in the top corners but that'll be a bit. Anyone heard of LENRD's or "heard" them?

    I snuck the picture in a bit after the post...all magic!

    The panels are those coffee bag ones - got green lettering...gonna have to let that soak in. I can always throw new material over them. And I still need to hang them.

    You just need a frame like that in hardwood? Have walnut, cherry, red and white oak...maybe some hickory...??

    Popsickle sticks I dug out of the wastebasket my last visit to the doctor...!
  10. dkg999
    A2 & Rich - very nice work. Rich - why not use some solid surface countertop material, like Corian. Easy to work with carbide saw blades and router bits, and polishes up nice. Very stable also. Not sure of its acoustic qualities.
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