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  1. ALL212
    Hey Doug! I have 4 cd's that belong to you at my house - hope I'm not on a lease plan for those! Someday I need to get those back to you.

    When you get your roomates - can we come over and "listen to your system"?
  2. dkg999
    A2 - all long-term lease charges have been waived! I need to pick-up a CD from A1 also. I'll call you the next week I am in IL.

    And yes, friends will be invited for listening sessions
  3. SCompRacer
    I'm all in for hands on A/B/C/D testing of their.....head rests !
  4. ALL212
    out of respect...those are room treatments.

    and I know how to test for soundproofing. One on each side. - that!
  5. agfrost
    Jay, we are still on for your DAC someday?

    Yes. I'm officially in my "insane end-of-year" rush at school right now. Got a passel of students signed up to take the AP Chem exam in 2 weeks, and I can't get them to study our current chapter, let alone review for a cumulative exam. I'd be even more pissed at them than I am, if I hadn't been such a knucklehead at 18 years of age myself...

    Long story short, I'm still stuck on having to buy the last handful of caps. I'm all in, but after the first week of May would be my earliest availability. How's your calendar shaping up? I just UPS'd all the MIT cables to Indiana (sniff), so I'm up for an upgrade.

  6. SCompRacer
    Have an 18 year old girl here at work taking mechanic classes. How did she make this decision? Same as the tat on her boob she flashed me with, she flipped a coin. She buys a car and tells me it uses oil and she is going to re-ring it. I ask her how much oil does it use. She says well I have to put oil in it every month. I ask how many miles per quart.... She has to get back to me on that one. I remind her it could be valve guide seals and not rings. Mention the compression test, dry and then wet (teaspoon of oil and record the increase). Oh, she recalls that from an intro class, although they fail to mention the wet test. She also doesn't ask questions in class, it would make her look stupid. She tells me I am old and wise...well, thanks for reminder on the old part, though not a day goes by that I don't recall it myself.

    May should be good. Somewhat free now with the mil gone, the wife makes demands on me now. Not exactly the ones I want...
  7. agfrost
    She also doesn't ask questions in class, it would make her look stupid

    Oh my God, you just described 92% of my students...
  8. dkg999
    Master Yoda says "to be the question"
  9. daboyz
    Rich - Would you rather look at the tat on her boob or the tat on Bubba's wherever? Unless of course she looks like Bubba then all bets are off.

    A2 - You got anything of mine over there? I think I left a pair of speakers and maybe an amp and a pre and some IC's and maybe a nice pair of speaker cables and a DAC.
  10. SCompRacer
    Dave, I like boobs..... She looks OK, but 18, I don't need a coin toss to decide. Run away! Run away!

    I had one other opportunity in life to take on a young female apprentice. She was the girlfriend of the gal that worked for my wife at a park district. (They swung both ways). My wife asked me to look at this gals car so she could get to work on time and my wife could get home sooner. I did, got the car running, and the girlfriend asked if I could teach her more, and my wife said NO! He doesn't Other than the butch haircut, she looked pretty good.
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