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  1. ALL212
    Dave - yep it's all here! I think you left three kids here too - they go with the stereo.

    You choose!
  2. daboyz
    Eh, we'll discuss this again the day before their 18th birthday.......
  3. SCompRacer
    I finally got some issues resolved using the Teleporters to send I2S/DSD from my Denon 3910 to my work in progress DAC. The Denon 3910 wasn't supplied with a grounded IEC plug which caused signal loss, no lock. Now it has one. It works extremely well, no drop outs, noise free, very detailed and clear. I2S separates clock and data signals where the clock is embedded in the bi-phase data stream of spdif. The result is less possible jitter with an I2S signal. So my next project will be this......extract I2S from the Touch and send it to my DAC. I'll be looking for a used Touch as things can go badly in disassembly/modding these small things. I'd also want to enclose the Teleporter in a metal or foil lined box. A shielded Cat5/6 cable with shielded connectors is also a good thing to use.

  4. SCompRacer
    As digital projects wind down, another analog project awaits.... Got my PTP5 top plates from the Netherlands today. Not sure if I will use this Maple or not. Much less material to cut out using these flat plates compared to the stamped pan my current Lenco has. Easy speed control changes (33 - 45) becomes an issue as the plate doesn't extend beyond the platter like on the larger PTP4 plate. You gotta pop the platter on this one to chanmge speeds, or get creative. (I do have some 45RPM LP's). However, there is a group buy coming up for an electronic speed control circuit board. Oh boy, more bench projects. Isn't this exciting?

  5. dkg999
    Nice wood!
  6. ALL212
    I think I just got a woody...
  7. ALL212
  8. dkg999
    My Magnepan dealer in Des Moines is supposed to get a set of the mini's. I'm waiting to take a listen to them.

    Someday I'll be able to listen to my 1.6's again!
  9. heiney9
    I bit the bullet and bought this slightly used from Deltronics in Woodridge, IL. Only charged $30 shipping and it weighs over 45lbs. This will use either EL34 or 6L6's, 1 pr 12AU7's and 1pr 12AX7's. I will most likely put the Norh SE9 on the sales block as having (4) tube amps for a single rig it pretty silly. Should be here by weeks end. Carl was gracious enough to send me (3) pr's of 12AU7's to try out. Those are on the way as well. I am in contact with Jim McShane for a quad of 6P3S-E power tubes that get rave reviews and aren't too spendy. I need to know a little bit more about the amp, but I might be able to use 5881 and I have a line some NOS Tung Sol's (spendy) if the amp has low enough plate voltage. I know the 5881 can't be sub'ed in a guitar amp but maybe in this amp since the plate voltage should be much lower.

  10. dkg999
    Brock - nice looking amp!
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