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  1. heiney9
    Finally Jay!!! Lol. Once it breaks in it should really improve, perhaps not the level of Rich's gear. Since it was cool yesterday I fired up the rig an listened pretty much all afternoon until midnight. I have to say I have some great synergy going and just had a huge grin on my face.

    Since my gear really heats up my room when it;s 90+ outside I don't tend to run the rig, especially for the entire day even with the air running it heats things up.

    part 1
  2. heiney9
    part 2....

    I sometimes wonder about gear in other people's rigs and expectations, etc. A CP member recently bought the Dared pre-amp and at first listen was underwhelmed in his rig. Of course he made several other changes as well and I told him it takes time and patience to thoroughly evaluate new gear. He told me a few days later that it was starting to sound much better.

    I guess the point of my ramble is modding the 600 took it to a new level immediately. Although it did take me sometime to get used to the new sound and realize how much I was missing.

    Enjoy Jay.....about the best bang for the buck going considering the used cost and cost of a few key parts.
  3. SCompRacer
    You are most welcome Jay! It was a fun and productive day. Jay was very organized with his step by step and did very well. Some of the joints reminded me of working with that dreaded RoHS unleaded solder, very stubborn and difficult to remove. You worry about effing up the board, pulling a trace or eyelet out. We had a bit over 4 hours in it with no breaks. That Hakko 808 is sure a nice tool! Allows for one handed desoldering with the trigger controlled vacuum pump. You can actually hear when you got a clean hole by the sound pitch of the pump.

  4. SCompRacer

    Jay, I've also been testing my DAC's on the downstairs system with a CD player before they go upstairs, just in case. The old retro system sounds pretty good with some digital going through it! The modded Adcom sounded very, very good in the main system despite coming right off the bench. No noise, quiet with the max volume, no music playing test. Both channels play. We played some hi-res remasters. While the DAC doesn't do hi-res, the remasters still sounded wonderful.
  5. heiney9
    I have to thank A2 again for doing all the tedious work on my Adcom. We did it in two sessions. Once the new parts are broken in, it really comes alive. Knowing me I'll hang on to it for a long time. I know Hi-Rez is likely better if done properly but I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle all my favorites in Hi-Rez.

    My SDA 1C's really need the attention at this point. Spikes waiting in a drawer, Larry's rings waiting in a drawer and Dynamat in my "basket" on Amazon. That should be my next project.
  6. SCompRacer
    IF all hi-res downloads were priced fairly (most are higher) IF they were all really hi-res, IF there were more selections, then hi-res could be a priority in a DAC. The direction I went just happened to be hi-res capable. My next direction is to build a dual mono configuration of my present Twisted Pear Buffalo III DAC. Parts are ordered, just one power supply of the two needed is back ordered. SRT King Ed was very impressed with my BIII. So impressed I may be building him a dual mono version.

    Twisted Pear also added a neat two source swiching board to their lineup. I'll install that in my CD player to replace the relay board I made and needed to remake. Somehow I missed the SACD swapping R and L channels in the shared data lines with my I2S output. This little $30 board will solve that.
  7. daboyz
    My turn!!

    Received the new cables from Douglas Connection. In the process of breaking them in. Very nice build quality and they are defenitely much better than the IXOS's I was using. He said 25 hours to break in which is not easy to do around here. I told him I'd try to get ya'll together for a listening session and get input if possible.

    My schedule changed so now I have every other weekend off again!! That should make it a lot easier for me at least. I have a guy on the south side who wants to sell me a GDA600 for $125 shipped to my door. Pretty tempting. Got a hit on a Dared,too but haven'y talked to him. He's a friend of soundfreak1(Stan). Now I gotta figure out how to come up with the coin w/out dipping into the marital funds.
  8. heiney9
    Dave, I might have a lead on a used Dared.
  9. agfrost
    Dave, is it the same one that's on eBay from Homewood? There's another (pristine with box) that's threatening the $200 mark, so that price, shipped, looks awfully good!
  10. daboyz
    Brock - let me know. I gotta take baby steps. Registered Ashley today for school . With all her AP classes I had to shell out $700.

    Jay - nah,it's a different one. Not nearly as pretty. I'll probably hold off and get the pre first. I'd love to get a pair of larger speakers,too.

    Have you guys heard Chris's(cstmar) Velleman tube pre? I don't know if he brought it to the meet at Rich's or not. He says it's available.
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