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  1. SCompRacer
    I hate looking at pics of myself.

    I hate seeing pictures of myself too. But you ain't ugly like I am...and please, don't take that as a come on.:p:D

    I had three PC's and a laptop in the basement that belong to friends waiting for service. Got em done and delivered today. Lightning strikes blew out the modems on three. A monitor must be bad cause I got picture from the desktop. The laptop was easy as the modem was under an access cover.

    Next Sunday, I have a home network to install for a gal I know that owns her own biz. I will get to take her '07 Z06 'vette for a lap or two as well. Dear wife will want to go along to make sure I behave......:D
  2. Ricardo
    Damn. I wish I was there to listen to ABBA :D

    I'm sure you guys had a great time.
    So without CL, who are we going to complain against now???? Forum will be boring :p
  3. dkg999
    I am sure CL35 will be quickly replaced! It seems we always have a loose cannon showing up.

    The ABBA albums stayed safely tucked away in their covers!
  4. heiney9
    My spidey sense tells me he is in witness protection. Sort of a way to give him new life. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they "killed" CL35M and allowed him to sign up with a new name, giving him new life. Of course this is just a wild guess as I haven't seen any new members acting like him.

    It sure took a long time for Polk to get fed up with him. I wouldn't be surprised if they brokered a deal where he gets a new identity if he behaves. Call me a conspiracy theorist. :D
  5. dkg999
    I can highly recommend the Boz Scaggs LP of the '69 Muscle Shoals sessions! If you like a bluesy, folksie type of collaboration that sometimes borders on southern rock, it's good.
  6. SCompRacer
    I got Boz Scaggs LP's...they are filed somewhere between the ABBA and Bread LP's.:D

    For future photo sessions, I'll put a Beck LP out front.:p;)

  7. SCompRacer
    I wouldn't be surprised if they brokered a deal where he gets a new identity if he behaves.

    Like restaurants, the name can change but the tomain would be the same...his first open ended question post would give him away.
  8. daboyz
    Beautiful place there Rich!!! The gear looks awesome,also!! So sad I missed it. Who is the riffraff you let in? I have always enjoyed Boz Scaggs, I need to get some of his stuff.

    I get the feeling that CL is gone with the wind and we will never hear from him again. I don't know why but I haven't really been visiting all areas of the forum lately so I missed the thread on the amp. Me thinks it'll probably go a lot higher than the $450 mark but I hope I'm wrong.:)
  9. SCompRacer
    Thanks for the kind words Dave! We missed you. It was rough work, but we had to step up and drink your share of the beer.;) Actually, there is a lot of beer left, so we need another get together.

    Who is the riffraff you let in?

    How can you say that about your buds?:p:)

    Whoever they are, they didn't want to hear ABBA.:( I would have spun a Village People LP, but GG has never sent that to me......yet.:D
  10. daboyz

    Still in the mid $200's for the amp so looking good!!:D


    Please put Shania in the front(if possible),by far the best your stack would ever look. Also, how much beer is actually left over? I tend to put away a lot of beer,hence my Adonis figure.;):D


    Did you happen to notice the question about how to wire the Atriums? I hope it was a joke.....................:D
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