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  1. dkg999
    Wait until Brock discovers they make head units for car stereo that use tubes.
  2. heiney9
    I thought they used tubes to light the dashboard.
  3. daboyz
    Still waiting on my tubes.

    The TL's walked out the door last night. CList can be a wonderful thing. Funny thing is I had a pair of Infinity SL30's out in the garage and they sound just as good as the TL's. I was toying with the idea of getting some 11T's from Chicago's CList but now I'm not so sure.
  4. SCompRacer

    Progress! On the bench anyway.... Thank goodness there are people smarter than me willing to share!
  5. agfrost
    Looks cool, Rich.
  6. ALL212
    oh...great - now he's got a stargate built in too!
  7. SCompRacer
    Thanks......I'm kind of stargazed right now. Can't get it to work with the Arduino. Getting some big time programming help from a guy in Hong Kong and The Netherlands. Maybe one of my old Nordic relations? The code was written for a single DAC with different input. Needs tweaking.

    Why did I have to complicate was working, begging for an
  8. Ricardo
    I have a new addition to the family, 2009 VW GTi 2.0 turbo w/dsg (direct shift transmission) transmission


    Is it a TSI? Late 2009's had the new engine. Any tuning plans? Lots of quick HP/torque gains for cheap...

    Hello guys!!!!
  9. heiney9
    Hey Ricardo, it is a TSI which was one of my requirements. So far I am loving it! Quiet, comfortable and sneaky fast. I do have a Carbonio ram-air intake. I might look at the APR stage 1 tuning program in the Spring. I'd also like a little sportier exhaust but still unobtrusive. I'll have to start doing some research. The suspension and tires are just fine for the ****ty roads around here. 225/45 ZR-17's. I just hope I don't a ticket, it's sneaky fast because it's so smooth and quiet. LOVE the DSG transmission. One other requirement was a 4 door GTi. Makes hauling people and things much easier.
  10. heiney9
    Here's a quick pic of the old and new

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