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  1. heiney9
    Also, my addiction to tube buying has been cracked!!! I am 2 months free of visiting Ebay and even dreaming about new tubes. I went completely cold turkey and stopped going on Ebay.
  2. daboyz
    Hey, all. Does anybody know a good appliance guy? Our 14 yr. old dryer just stopped heating. Plus, our dishwasher likes to leak but not until it's done and in drying mode. Just hoping to find someone who won't rape me to tell me if it's worth fixing or not. We just had to put about $1,000 into Ashley's car. Why do things always seem to happen at the same time?

    Brock - Amazing!! Cold turkey? I've been babysitting 7316's hoping to get lucky on a cheap pair. Snowballs chance in hell, I know.
  3. dkg999
    Dave - I've used Knodles Appliance in Sycamore IL a couple of times, and although maybe not the cheapest they've always fixed it right the first time. They are actually a factory authorized warranty/repair center and most of the Sears appliance repair in this area is outsourced to them. For parts when I know what is wrong I order parts through Sears Parts Direct and they have been much cheaper than other places on appliance parts.
  4. SCompRacer
    Cold turkey my butt, you already been through all the tubes made.

    Dave, some of the older stuff is made better than the newer stuff.....
  5. SCompRacer
    Doug, the Testors worked just fine. Just about wrapped. Waiting for a USB/I2S module and a green LCD will most likely be in my future.

  6. agfrost
    That looks amazing, Rich. Explain the process of getting the enamel in there?
  7. SCompRacer
    Explain the process of getting the enamel in there?

    Thanks Jay!

    I copied this from my build thread.

    It is very hard to stay "in the lines" of the engraving with the color fill even with a tiny artists brush. I found a new bondo spreader used as a squeegee moved most of the excess paint to an area where it could be wiped off the panel without removing paint from the engraved areas. After allowing the color to set a few minutes, I used cotton swaps moistened with thinner to get the smeared paint off. It leaves a film that can be easily removed once the paint dries. I followed up with an old dish towel wrapped tightly around the spreader moistened with thinner. It was a smooth tightly woven towel (not fuzzy). The plastic spreader did no harm to the front panel.

    Carl said he used water based latex in filling of engravings. I wanted danger, went with the enamel. All I can add is the process evolved. There were a couple of clean the logo and start over until I got it.
  8. agfrost
    Jay, how is that modded GDA 600 coming along? Can't remember how far you've progressed or if it's done.

    Brock, it's as done as it's going to be, I think. I had to take a 2nd crack at it to finish the power supply caps but it's all buttoned up and singing nicely. Just not as nicely as the Rich's TP, I imagine!

    Completed analog board:

    Went with Fred's advice and paralleled the OPA's power reservoir caps with the reddish stacked caps on top of the board. No extension wires on the nether region of the analog board as a result. Thanks again to Rich for his workshop, expertise and steady hands.

    Power supply board:

    Happy to hear you've kicked the tube search habit!
  9. SCompRacer
    Jay, I recall your modded DAC sounding great. You have kids, your mods are reasonable. I have no kids and went insane.
  10. agfrost
    I'm happy where I'm at; I'm also aware you went further!
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