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  1. SCompRacer
    Kewl beans. Mighta been there once with Norm but never bought anything.

    Self powered or you supply power?
  2. ALL212
    Looks like I supply power and it has it's own crossover built in so you go amp to bass panel to MMG (or whatever keeps you happy).
  3. dkg999
    A2 - I have to stop at Audio Labs in Des Moines tomorrow to pick up my new universal remote. They are one of the oldest Magnepan dealers in the country and usually have everything Magnepan makes in stock and available for demo. I'll see if they have the bass panel. I might be able to get them to work with you if you need a dealer to participate in your trial of the bass panel.
  4. SCompRacer
    I got off my lazy butt and looked it up. I see you can parallel them but your amp better be up to the task. (Yours will).
  5. SCompRacer
    Actually not lazy, just overwhelmed. Working OT again, Krell phono stage issues. The balanced Class A Krell pre amp/DAC sounds excellent, but my vinyl SQ has suffered. I replaced a couple of jfets on the Krell phono board and it is better, but it may need some transistors too. (Very difficult to board test, scary to remove and test without replacements). Wierd voltage ranges on left channel compared to right. Excess DC in left channel output. J309 Jfets and MPS8099/8599 transistors discontinued so gotta find a bunch of NOS parts and match them. Or get equivalent replacements.

    I have a Hagerman Piccilo MC head amp on loan. Set to 26dB gain, the MM stage is still too low. You get into 3oclock volume range (surprisingly quiet) but got no headroom. Lousy dynamics, flat sounding. Now switching to MC and dropping Piccilo to 10dB much better. Still, not as exciting as the ModWright phono. I can't condemn the Krell phono until it is fixed. Might just scrap balanced...
  6. SCompRacer
    ....scrap balanced, or build a Pass dual mono Pearl 2 phono stage. Jfet design, can do 65dB of gain, even switch between two gain stages. Or gut the ModWright phono stage out....or get a ModWright SWP stand alone phono stage...or stay single ended with the SWLP.....complications, where before I had none. I need another pair of ears to help out.

    It is an impressive design, maybe I expect too much from it....18 MPS8599, 20 MPS8099, 12 J309 caps on way for pre amp. Lots of them....22 1000uf, four 470uf, two 4700uf. New caps on phono board are 105C Vishay BC's. I thought they were pricey Tantalums but a part number check says not. Vishay bought Sprague and Vishay Sprague just does Tantalums now. The 'lytics got lumped into the Vishay BC line.

  7. ALL212
    dkg999 - that would be cool. I don't think it matters what dealership I go through but it's nice to know what their reputation is.

    don't bust a nut - if the weather isn't right just skip it!
  8. ALL212
    Happy New Year!
  9. SCompRacer
    Happy New Year!
  10. dkg999
    Happy New Year! I guess I'm old and boring! I spent it at the farm in IA, pretty much curled up in a chair beside the fireplace, a little music, TV, online mix-up during the evening.
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