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  1. SCompRacer
    Fark Western Digital! The Green is 5 days out of warranty. 2009 install. Stuck a 1TB Samsung in there from an extra backup drive I had. It is a good thing I had my flac backed up or I'd have to go back to the old way of sticking them silver discs in a drawer.
  2. daboyz
    Unfortunately that's their warranty and they're sticking to it. Bad customer service will always come back to haunt you. Did you complain to a higher up? That usually always works.
  3. heiney9
    Nice work as usual Rich! Reminds me, I need to start running a back-up again. It's inevitable that drives will fail at some point or perhaps getting a nasty virus.

    Dave, I hope you enjoyed the dac. Sorry we couldn't meet face to face for the exchange, but our stealth hand off worked just as good.

    Still looking forward to a get together sometime soon. It's been awhile.
  4. SCompRacer
    Thanks for the kind words Brock. Dave, I'll do my best .....or have the wife deal with them.

    I got bit by about 35 recent CD's that I did not back up. I just have to dig them out of the right box and re-rip them. I woud hate to have to start over!
  5. dkg999
    I need to decide on a cloud service and then back all mine up to the cloud. Fiber 100 mps service here in IL and Google fiber service in Kansas City makes the cloud a good alternative.
  6. SCompRacer
    You have that NAS unit with redundant RAID Doug?

    Aaron, I used to have a defrag utility with XP that worked better/faster than the one in Winders. Have Vista now. Any suggestion for defrag and backup software, like something you can configure to save only new or changed files on the music drive? I know Winders has a backup utility but I never looked into it.
  7. dkg999
    Redundant is such a comforting thing, until you need plan C. RAID5 on the QNAP NAS with 4 drives. I would still like to have it all backed up in the cloud, and then it is truly portable, extensible, and all those fancy words. As long as we don't use the shareable word and get Mr RIAA all excited.
  8. SCompRacer
    I may stay with PC based drive but with USB out to I2S, not via Touch/SPDIF. I get a slightly better sound with I2S versus SPDIF in. I2S separtes clock from data using a different circuit. It must be implemented properly though. I have one thing left to wring out. That is a DIY group buy isolator/reclock board for my USB to I2S adapter. It will use the master clock off my DAC to replace the on board clocks on my USB module. Lots of things important in a DAC, but the clock is most important as it determines the amount of jitter you end up with. Every DAC can benefit from less jitter, and reclock at destination is how you do it.

    Jay, I don't recall answering your question totally.... In regards to going with the Italian chassis, it was cooling options and not everyone will machine both sides of the faceplate. They also had the face plate in 10mm. The extra thickness really helps beef up the chassis strenth cause it has some heft to it!
  9. ALL212
    Rich - Vista and above have built in defraggers that run when idle. You can run them yourself but you don't get the cute graphics anymore. Diskkeeper is what I ran in the past but I haven't used it in years.

    Backup software on windows 7 is decent, not sure what Vista has. Server software is now such that with external hard drives you don't really need to buy software anymore (archiving is an issue). It de-duplicates for you.

    You could run robocopy (bump out to dos - type robocopy and see what gives - if installed, it'll tell you). Has options to just copy over changed files. Or is that the default...don't remember but it works very well. Just create batch file, schedule it and forget it.
  10. SCompRacer
    Thanks Aaron! I was using MS Robocopy. Now this bump out to think I can remember all that stuff.....
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